Tiny House Village in beautiful Mountain Town – walkable! (Colorado)


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Video Chapters:
0:00 – tiny Colorado

4:23 – park model tiny home
5:47 – story behind the community

9:42 – benefits of community life
11:35 – development
14:56 – hello from

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  1. MarLin Village is a new tiny house community with a big heart! Also has beautiful surroundings and is walkable to many things like restaurants, coffee shops & more. Located in small Bayfield, Colorado, but a short drive to the larger Durango. Tiny house lots are now available! Enjoy a community tour & a tour of their park model tiny home rental, used for visiting family or anyone who wants to try out village life ❤ 👉 *Tour village resident, Traci’s tiny house with downstairs office (future bedroom) :* https://youtu.be/B-UwEzLlI3Y

  2. no, people need to STOP paying soooo much money for a little speck of dirt. Paying off the loan for the tiny house and other bills on top of the sickly expensive lot rent everywhere, it needs to stop. People with a fixed income of $1300/month can’t even rent anything anymore… a space under a bridge maybe? in a tent?
    Realtors and government have made ownership impossible for us.

  3. Wow! I am so happy you were able to achieve a new tiny house community! And a very well thought out community, those trees will be lovely and tasty when they get bigger😊 I am still surprised how many people are still not familiar with tiny houses, I was hooked years ago! I certainly wish you both the best on your new adventures as tiny house community owners, it’s a beautiful place to live❤

    • Thank you Beverly ❤! We have had the land for quite a while. We thought we would develop the land one day if we could. We pondered apartments and condos, but that seemed too brick-and-mortar and impersonal and just another rental, so we never took action on it. Then we became aware of these tiny homes and we knew right away this is what needed to be done with this land. It spoke to our hearts….it would actually help fulfill the need for affordable housing. People would be able to purchase their own homes where they have not been able to before because of the unreachable prices of homes nowadays. It would also help out the folks who still wanted their own home but wanted to be part of a community and have people around them supporting them. Each Tiny Home is adorable. They are different colors, sizes, and shapes which adds to the personality of the neighborhood. All the events we do with the residents we thoroughly enjoy, and I believe this creates a sense of community which I think our society lacks these days. We have a neighborhood full of WONDERFUL residents!!
      To New Journey’s ❤
      MarLin Village

  4. Congratulations MarLin tiny House Village! It’s already a beautiful community and it’s just going to get even more beautiful! You may be hearing from me regarding a parking spot in about a year or sooner! 🙏🥰💃🏻

  5. I like people that are fair. I think these over priced places are a rip off. People are struggling as it is. The fact that the residents are saying how fair the price is tells me these people arent just in it for the money.

  6. I want to find partners and build a tiny community in northern California. This is a perfect concept. Love it such a kind and wonderful couple.

  7. Very cool love this place and their property along the creek so pretty, Having storage units great idea as is the garden, and community meeting place .Wish there was a community like this here in Ontario. I love tiny homes . The owners have a real big kind heart.

  8. I am sooooo excited about your tiny home community! I am shopping for a tiny home now and always worry about where I’m going to be able to park it. I will be in touch soon! Thank you for being like minded –

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