Tiny House w/ *Spacious* Bathroom | The Lux Tiny House Tour!

Today we tour Lux house located in the largest Amish community is the USA! This tiny house is 32ft long with 256 sqft of living space. The is very unique with a listed bedroom and living room, hidden projector, and best bathroom I have seen in any house! Jacuzzi tub with shower and a skylight. Its huge!
(all words are my own)

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  1. That bathroom is really amazing and I agree it’s the best one I’ve seen so far in tiny house on a trailer BUT personally the fact that the bedroom is up on the loft is always a deal breaker for me it’s just so uncomfortable

  2. Why the deck and the rocks? The only point I see of pimping out a trailer is because it’s mobile. Doesn’t look like you are moving it.

  3. That house is awsome, and that square tub looks more like a hottub, with the skylight and the bed with a skylight. Love the big screen and projector, the 33 foot classic Airstreams have a similar setup with theatre type seating.

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