Tiny House With Elegant Simplicity

“Proximity with the customer is one of the fundamental aspects of our creation process. From the very beginning of the design to the end of the construction, we rely on transparency and the implication of the future owners of our houses. In this way, our designer is able to truly understand our client’s reality. In this case, The Ébène was built for a young couple from Ontario. Their needs were clear; they wanted a home with all the amenities found in conventional residential constructions. Based on that, we created a very functional space while making sure they don’t feel boxed in their home.”

Built by Minimaliste: https://minimalistehouses.com/en

Tiny homes listed for sale and rent daily: http://tinyhouselistings.com

Tiny homes for sale in your inbox: http://eepurl.com/bAcWb


  1. Milimaliste make some of, if not THE, best tiny houses in the world. Even if it wasn’t mobile, I’d still build a house like one of theirs — stylish, simple, practical, yet comfy.

  2. The Minimaliste design are probably the best designed tiny homes I’ve ever seen. They are extremely well thought out and very modern.

    And I really like the shou sugi ban outside siding. (not to mention that it lasts for very, VERY long time without maintenance)

  3. Did anyone notice a random dog sitting in the background, chillin on a mini shed in the beginning of the clip??🤣😅😂🙊🐕

  4. I love this company but living in SoCal it’s hard to find a place to park the tiny homes, but I also love Phil I love his humor and accent, I wanna hear him speak in his native language too I bet it’s awesome!!

  5. I have a general question…. if u take a 5 min shower let’s say, how many gallons approx is that ? I always wonder how these tiny homes don’t run out of water when they aren’t hooked up to a supply. Between shower use, kitchen sink use, consumption/cooking use, washer use, bathroom sink use, it’s hard for me to fathom how tiny homes/rvs have enough water to sustain more than a few days at most. I feel like they must run out quick and it’s always a hassle to have to worry about refilling water.

  6. At 10′ wide it’s not road worthy!!! So if it’s not going to be moved frequently will there be a foundation where it’s planted? ??

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