Tiny House with Incredible Interior Design Built in 40 Days!

Pascal and Catherine built their first in just 40 days and are currently in it as their second home. They’re a couple from Kamouraska, Canada, that started a company called “Ma Maison Logique,” which in English means “my logical house.” Pascal designed tiny house to withstand extreme Canadian winters by using triple pane windows and installing a tiny stove. They installed an air exchange vent in bathroom to keep fresh air flowing in and used natural, non-toxic paint and oil finishes to ensure good air quality indoors.

Catherine is an interior designer, and you’ll see that she added touches throughout the to make it seem more spacious, while at same time keeping it cozy and comfortable. This is the prettiest tiny house we’ve visited so far, and even though it’s a standard tiny house size, it feels a lot bigger and seems like it would be a great design for a long-term housing situation.

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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  1. Incredible interior design? It’s the same as almost every other house of
    this size. Nothing special about it whatsoever.

  2. Tres belle ,combien Elle vous a couter?.pour energies electric ,.Commemt
    vous proceder pour les toilettes,et eau douche,.pouvez vous donner plus
    info sur compost,.moi je vie a Ottawa,On.isolation combien R.

  3. Wow the interior is one of the best if not the best that i’ve seen!! Lovely
    couple and great video! I wished it was slightly longer showing each aspect
    in more detail, but overall it’s brilliant!!

  4. absolutely beautiful!! I love the kitchen table ! are you guys coming to
    the states ? if so I’d love to give you a tour of our version of the tiny
    home its a 380sq ft park model

  5. I went ahead and shared it on my Facebook. Unfortunately the movement isn’t
    really big in the south. Out here you can buy a 3 bed 2 bath on an acre of
    land for less than $110,000.00 roughly 1700 sqft. This movement won’t
    really ever take off down here, but I’m still a huge fan and advocate for
    the movement!!

  6. great video thanks!since im in ontario i wonder about tiny house building
    codes. that chimney outside is not to house code. are there any or separate

  7. Can you provide the details if tiny wood burning fireplace? Brand name and
    where to get it? Price if possible. Good house for something built in 40

  8. Absolutely love it! You can definitely tell she’s into interior design, and
    I think it’s super cute, but if they had pets, that all-white bedroom would
    be all-white no more! 🙂 Ah, if only I had the money for a true tiny house
    and not an RV….

  9. really like your videos:) keep up the good work and have fun on the road!
    Since I can remember i want to live in a tiny house, after my college
    graduation I want to explore this world of tiny houses. it’s so cool!

  10. The kitchen looked freakishly large for a tiny home. By far the best
    bathroom layout. Standard length is twenty feet for tiny homes?

  11. I feel like you’re reading a book to me rather than talking to me, every
    ending to your sentence ended with a low in your voice (ever see that
    episode of Family Guy where he makes fun of the person who always ends
    there sentences on a high like they’re asking a question when they’re not?)

    Anyway.. great tiny house I loved it!

  12. That is really nice interior design, full size kitchen, clever living room
    allows for full size bathroom sections and table. Very nice.

  13. hi. great video. great music ang gtrat tiny house. i just wish the video to
    be a litle longer so i have even more time to enjoy.

  14. It’s beautiful! I will definitely be choosing their company if I ever get
    the funds to own one. Where is their closet space or storage space for
    clothing though? That’s the only thing I didn’t see. I love how light and
    airy it feels, also love the wood they used, and the decor!

  15. Beautiful house. I would like to hear more factual things like dimensions,
    weight R values as well. But a really nice video. It’s great to see videos
    for minimalism and the tiny house movement in Canada. Thanks :)

  16. Nice layout, the shower area looked like there was no venting, not so good
    over time.The wood stove was a nice touch.Personally I would have to have
    some textures and colors inside:>)

  17. Nice job Catherine & Pascal ! I’m proud of you, dear family ! And I’m
    pretty excited to have mine in Kamouraska too.

    Good luck with your business ! That’s really inspiring !

    Gros bis !

  18. dormers make a huge difference in how big the space feels… impressive
    amount of counter space! My dream house, besides a van…

  19. Too me, this place hit that Goldilocks factor for interior design ,… its
    just right! They have stuck such a nice balance of natural wood and painted
    wood. I love the look of natural wood but find it can become a little
    overwhelming in such a small space. Bravo! Thanks for sharing

  20. I would gladly trade that house for my two bedroom apartment!

    Somehow, the kitchen is bigger in that house than what we have here!

  21. Hi guys! Luke in Missouri. I love all your videos. My mother was Canadian
    so that makes watching your stuff more fun for me. I want to start
    traveling more when my daughter heads to college next year. I am very much
    into simplifying so your videos really hit home. keep it up!!!!

  22. ‘Simple and no nonsense’ should replace the tiny in Tiny House.

    This may be a question that is too complicated for the comment section but
    I was wondering if the Canadian width restriction of a tiny house is like
    the US? Many States limit trailers to 8.5 feet for unrestricted travel but
    allow 10 foot wide with restrictions like no travelling at night, no rush
    hour travelling in cities, and a maximum distance per day. ( 50 miles or
    so) Doesn’t it make sense to design one on a 10 foot wide trailer?

  23. RE wood stove, It looks like they are using single wall stove pipe and the
    required clearance to combustibles is 18 inches. I would have kept my mouth
    shut but don’t want some one to die in a fire.

  24. Thanks for sharing. Pascal and Catherine seems to have thought of
    everything – logically. Wooden counter tops, wooden shower walls and wooden
    floors. Everything else painted white and combined with the large windows
    and glazed door makes for a bright home. I see from their website that he
    is something of a net-zero house and passive solar expert. So I’m sure he
    could tell us a bit more about R numbers and prices.

  25. I want a tiny house to come back to in Washington someday when we want to
    take a break from travel 🙂 I love all the white cabinets! :)

  26. Nice place! Pretty good build in only 40 days. This is one of your shortest
    videos in the series. I love the longer videos with more details, but this
    was ok too.

  27. You know…i’m not usually very impressed with small house design
    efficiency…but that floor plan and what they did…is exactly what I
    would want…the kitchen was super function and shower too…bedroom, with
    dormers and space was ideal. I could live in that house…i would figure
    out a way to get a full-size top freezer frig in there…that’s the only
    thing i would change up.

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