Tiny House With Ingenious Pulley System

This very special has become the home for a lovely mother and her three children. Throughout the planning stages, there’s been huge levels of excitement to see the house progress from plans to a finished home. The whole journey for our client has not only been documented by our images and video tour, but La Sombra and the Garcia Family will feature on a New Zealand television show called ‘Moving out’ due to air mid 2019.

Built by : https://www.buildtiny.co.nz/la-sombra-tiny-house

The world’s tiny house marketplace: http://tinyhouselistings.com

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    • It’s in New Zealand, so that’s $87,849.71 in USD… But it also cost more to build in NZ, and they have to work around some strict road legal limitations. So prices aren’t directly comparable…

  1. BEAUTIFUL well-designed/built tiny home!…the only things i would change: 1) handrail on the stairs (braided steel cables with rubber coating?); 2) flat treads and slight incline on the ladder for safety and ease of use.

  2. Very nice home. I appreciate the “how we built it” part. Most people don’t show that. Also never seen a trailer with such tiny tires you didn’t have any wheel wells to build around. Brilliant.

  3. This one is in my top 5 . So cozy..it’s got everything and I love the layout. The master loft finally even has a closet for clothes. 5 stars. 🖒❤❤

  4. Thank you for a straightforward video! A sweep of the main floor so you understand the layout and then a closer look. I also like the vinyl cladding and how much weight it saves. Smart design!

  5. This is definitely my idea tiny house. I would change a few details but I’d definitely see myself living there

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