Tiny House With Net Loft For Young Couple

“Designed to fit into a tight spot in a suburban location, this tiny house even has a detachable drawbar to save on space outside the tiny house. Being young and fit these clients chose to forgo the comfort of a staircase a vertical ladder fixed to the wall – a super space saving solution. These clients often work from home, so they’ve chosen to have a dedicated office space similar to the Millennial tiny house prototype, where your feet hang down below the loft into a footwell in the kitchen. The other unique feature is the net that spans between the two lofts. It acts first and foremost as a feature, but it’s also an awesome place to chill out and read a book!”

Built by Build Tiny: https://www.buildtiny.co.nz/larissa-and-tyler-tiny-house

The world’s tiny house marketplace: http://tinyhouselistings.com

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  1. It’s cute, but honestly I can’t live in it for more than a month without feeling claustrophobic, it’s too small.

  2. How will you climb up through that vertical ladder when you will get pregnant.isn’t it too much risk?????

  3. I wonder if this house is on sale for anybody who wants to own it. I mean it looks so cool and so small, like it can fit 1 or 2 persons in there. I wished I could own it, it might be just perfect for my new home

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