Tiny House With Slide Out, Sleep Downstairs

For sale here: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listings/ozark-from-tiny-idahomes

This 20′ long tiny house called “The Ozark” at first glance looks different than most tiny houses. That’s because it is. It features a slide out that offers alot more interior room when parked. It also has downstairs sleeping which is perfect for those that prefer not climbing stairs or a ladder then it’s time to catch some z’s.

For sale in Caldwell, Idaho: https://tinyhouselistings.com/listings/ozark-from-tiny-idahomes

Tiny houses for sale at http://tinyhouselistings.com


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  1. “Kind of a wet bath kind of a dry bath I dont know its whatever you want ro call it”

    …a toilet inside the shower… DISGUSTING


  2. I like what you guys are doing. The hybrid Tiny House-RV is the best of both worlds; light and looks good. I think you could have elevated the bedroom a bit; get some storage under the floor and better insulation (warmer floors) like the Hollanders. This unit seems like it should be a 50 amp dipole; thats sorta standard for a tiny house thats not geared for off-grid use. The thing that drives me to a tiny house over an RV is insulation and residential utilities. Would appreciate some details on insulation in your vid. Lastly, if i had one constructive critique, it would be the slide height. Thats a big step up to sit down each day… otherwise, nice work and best luck

  3. This man could sell ice to Inuits lol seriously not a well designed tiny home. It gave me the impression that it was just a compressed house and claustrophobic.

  4. how does it travel tho’. no locked cabinet and drawer doors. Is it gonna hafta be packed all up so cabinets and drawers don’t go flying open while riding down the road?

  5. This guy comes off like a used car salesman. I do not feel he really believes in the model or feels any ownership for the craftmanship. I would steer clear of this one.

  6. 6 gallon WATER HEATER??? Ok, LOL I’ll get one leg shaved… JUST wash in sections?? You could save on the REAL tile and please give me enough time to shower ALL THE WAY??

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