Tiny house/art shelter/BAR in FARGO, ND- at The Misfit Conference ’15

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen reports from Fargo, ND where he and his brother Dustin (alongside Austin Hay), built a tiny art at the Ecce Gallery downtown the Misfit Conference 2015. This was built and designed by Deek, and utilizes a good deal or salvaged and repurposed materials from bicycle rims, to stair stringers, as the video shows.
This build was all part of a two day tiny building/skill building workshop that was hosted by Deek and www.Relaxshacks.com. Their next workshop is “Tiny House Summer Camp 3”- Sept 18-20th- 2015 in Orleans, VT.

Deek has built, hosted, and designed HGTV, The DIY Network, The History Channel, and has been featured in the NY Times, Boston Globe, China Times, UK Daily News, Yahoo.com’s homepage and beyond….

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  1. I live in Bismarck and SOOOOO was intending to, ahem, attend!
    Unfortunately, I just got a new job and HAD to work when you were here!
    PLEASE consider doing another one (possibly in Bismarck?). I’ve watched
    your videos since the beginning (you still had long hair!) Looked like a
    LOT of fun!

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