Tiny Houses [SIV 105]


11/17/08: The tiny house movement is getting HUGE as Americans shrink their budgets and look for to their Stuff .

Peter King has been tiny for years and hopes to teach others the basics of .

Silent Mind, 2012 Here We Come, “I Want to Go Home”

East Johnson,

Peter King can be reached on his land line at: 802.933.6103


  1. Peter King rocks! I posted this on my facebook page and it is being passed
    around like crazy amongst friends, already from here in North Carolina to
    Fiji! This is the most complete explanation of a movement that is growing.
    Hurray for Peter, and thanks, Burlington College!

  2. In many small towns, you are allowed to build a structure 100 ft or smaller
    without building permits. It varies town to town. Thanks for asking!

  3. So, how can we get in touch with Peter….he isn’t coming up with a phone
    number in Vermont …..If anyone has a contact, please let us know, as he
    wants to build houses! Thanks from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont

  4. Kudos, my family is hoping to approach self sustainability – we’ve shrunk
    from 4000 to a 800 sq ft home by choice- 200 sq ft each. We don’t “own” 2
    new cars, just 1 that’s used when necessary. Our elec. usage has been cut
    down by the use of mini-flours & our heating bill is supplemented by solar
    & wood. A night out consists of a family walk, perhaps visits to our
    neighbours. We miss nothing of our consumerist lifestyle.

  5. “I’d rather be very poor and have lots of free time in a beautiful place
    than have all kinds of money and no free time”- I could not agree more!
    Materialism does not breed happiness, in my opinion.

  6. OMG!!this is awesome!! I am so familiar with tiny houses because I live in
    Japan. Oh I wish I can have a tiny house, Eva can I build it in your

  7. YES YES! I would love to have you and your tiny house in my backyard and
    you can use the kitchen and bathroom anytime you like! 😉

  8. Year of the ox, right? Now that hubby and I have gone spiritually interior,
    having time and space to do our clearing work is priority. Plus the
    internet 🙂

  9. Hmm – no one else picked up on the contradiction? He starts touting tiny
    houses as an alternative to regular homes, and then says that they are best
    built in the backyard of a regular home. I think someone is too addicted to
    their flush toilet and roomy living space to live “tiny” all the time. And,
    next to a pond or with a view? That alone will saddle you with a big
    mortgage AND a big property tax bill. Reality check folks!

  10. You are brilliant and speak the truth about Americans needing so much and
    wasting their lives away paying for everything and not really living and
    experiencing life.

  11. wish i could come, but i live in oregon! yeah, peter does seem pretty cool.
    i have a 10 by 12 structure in my yard that i’d like to refurbish into
    something livable. either that or maybe i’ll build something else. i very
    much like what peter says about “a little bedroom that detached from the
    main house and snuck out into the yard.” that’s pretty much exactly what
    i’m looking to do.

  12. First, I don’t think he means his regular home. If someone has room they
    could rent a piece of their land for someone’s tiny house. That would help
    the big homeowner meet expenses and help the tiny house owner find a place
    to live. Good idea. Second, rural land beyond commuting distance is a lot
    cheaper than urban land but, yes, water and view will add to the price.

  13. That seems to be the case. I forgot to come back to this thread, but
    somebody at home depot told me the same thing. Turns out I even have a
    couple. Have been using them allow people to navigate at night without it
    being bright.

  14. I want this guy to build my house for me. I’ll come and pick him up from
    Vermont and we will build a tiny house! But REALLY what is this guys
    number?!?! I want to get a hold of him!!!

  15. Mental note: Visit this guy the next time i head north I could really use
    one of these though. My bedroom and data storage in the loft, my
    workstation and computer shit on the lower floor. And im more than
    comfortable in small spaces like that.

  16. good to know Im 6’6″ and was skeptical of how comfortable that would be for
    me if it was only 10 feet tall with a loft. Maybe I wont have to exclude
    the house 😛

  17. Thanks Peter for all the info. Great video. Your philosophy is right on!
    Mortgages are ways of enslaving people. I would love to have one of these
    in my backyard. I’m really interested in anything else you come up with.

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  19. Do you realize that trolls are more respected than chain letter purveyors?
    At least they banter intelligently and have a goal in mind.

  20. my husband and i just built a little cabin…will be moving in soon! got
    rid of stuff and will enjoy gardening and peace of mind!!!

  21. Cool concept but his spurts about people who are like to buy nice things is
    sorta Marxist. What’s great about America is that we can live a lavish
    lifestyle (compared to other countries) for a more affordable price.

  22. The way I see it, the more crowded people are.. the crazier they go. For
    ex: inner city violence compared to “suburban violence”? Idk, just my
    thought. But if I could have as big of a backyard… and private property..
    fine by me.

  23. — GOD bless you SIR ,.,.,. You are very smart man , THAT is how smart
    people think , I agree with you 100% ,.,, I think that 10×10 house is tiny
    ,.,, but You think well , WHY would I buy a House for 250.000$ and pay it
    for 30 years and always be in fear if something happens to me I will loose
    a house . I hate mortgages , loans , and DEBT …

  24. Totally awesome!! I just bought 5 acres and I intend to build myself and my
    daughter a ‘tiny’ house there! So exciting to see I will have some stuff to
    go by!!SO GREAT thanks!

  25. the best tiny house video, i want one, makes you wanna drink beer an
    additional plus because you have time and can afford it!!! yeehaa!!!

  26. “If your tiny house burns down, so what, build a new one!” Hahaha, yeah
    right, more like “If your tiny house catches on fire, YOU’RE DEAD!”

  27. Where did Peter King say that you could build a house this size for less
    than $2,500? I would love to do that! I think that I would mix what Peter
    King did and put it on a trailer like Jay Shafer did, only for the price of
    Peter Kings home.

  28. How is that coming along? Also, is it costing very much? I would love to
    build a home like this but I don’t know where to start. :/ If you could
    give any tips, that would be much appreciated ^-^

  29. Thanks so much, I will get look those double-axle used trailers right away.
    I am so excited about building a house like these! Thanks again =D

  30. Interesting. I thought it was pretty stupid to go into such debt for a
    house so I opted for a condo. I still have a mortgage but I’m working hard
    to get it paid off this year. I basically live in my master bedroom. I use
    the living room as a place to hang my hat while I’m on my way to my master
    bedroom. I use my second bedroom for storage since I’m a prepper and keep
    about 8 months of food and other gear back there. A shed would do just as
    well. I think I could do fine with a tiny house.

  31. I think some of these tiny house builders should make a detailed “kit” or
    book on what to buy, the non-blue print reader set of blue prints, and
    instructions on how to build their own tiny homes and i am sure that type
    of publication can be a lucrative venture.

  32. I think some of these tiny house builders should make a detailed “kit” or
    book on what to buy, the non-blue print reader set of blue prints, and
    instructions on how to build their own tiny homes and i am sure that type
    of publication can be a lucrative venture.

  33. Tumbleweed Homes gets around the house codes by putting their houses on
    trailers. They’re classified as mobile homes & fall under different codes.
    If you want to have a house on a foundation, go to your building official &
    find out what residential code they use & tell him or her that you want to
    build the tiniest house that’s allowed. They’ll give you some general
    information to get you going & probably give you the name of a designer or
    contractor who’s built some tiny homes in the area.

  34. The I R C is the most common code for houses in the USA. It says you need
    at least 1 room w/ 120 S.F. min. You also need a toilet, a lav & a tub or a
    shower & a kitchen w/ a sink. The 120 S.F. rm. can hold the kitchen, your
    bed & the lav. The toilet & shower will need 7′ x 2.5′ extra. Forget the
    loft, stairs that meet code will take as much space as a bed. A legal house
    will be about 160 S.F. exterior, or 8′ x 20′, 10′ x 16′ or 12′ x 14′. And
    you need water, sewer & electric.

  35. i wish people would smarten up and realize that this IS something we should
    strive for. peters homes are a bit extreme. a home still needs to be built
    to standard, insulation, indoor plumbing, electricity, etc, but to as small
    as scale as possible and practical. I would love to see a community built
    specifically for affordable small homes only. not everybody has children,
    and that’s a great market to tap into.

  36. actually if something does go bad, it would be easier to defend your condo,
    assuming it has one entrance, than a little wood shack

  37. johnmonk66 You’re right about that. In that situation I’d probably store
    some of my supplies off site. Of course I do that anyway. I keep a lot of
    shelf stable food, clothes, shoes, a couple warm coats, a tent, hiking
    gear, blankets, an extra bicycle, unlabeled keys, and a number of other
    things in a storage locker. I also keep backup records like birth cert, and
    electronic records in my safe deposit box. If my condo burned it would be
    much easier for me to restart my life than my neighbors

  38. I thought I show this video to my students to teach them about small living
    in VT and how good it can be. But then there is a comment about drinking
    beer at the end. So there gos that idea. Too bad. Can’t show beer drinking
    promoting material at a public school without getting in trouble.

  39. Why are people listening to people like this. I love America. I love our
    houses. Isn’t that the Unabomber. A 10 x 10 house is a tent. Why are people
    listening to these idiots. Nice Castro hat commie. Dont give up the
    American dream. Do not let these idiots influence our great country. It’s
    Tea Time. Fly our Tea Party Flag! itsteatime dot o r g I had a tiny house
    than I put a 1500 square foot addition on it then it was perfect!

  40. @jshann No one from vermont has visited our site yet. It is the only state
    that hasn’t will you be the first? itsteatime dot o r g

  41. GREAT video- that guy’s a character too! Love it. -Deek Host of “Tiny
    Yellow House” Author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks, Cozy Cottages…”

  42. I want the screened in porch for my house. Who needs a bed or a bathroom,
    thats what the outhouse is for. Also forget groceries, I go kill an animal
    and cook it on the fire pit with firewood that I chopped down.

  43. @tcb0061 Excuse me? I do not understand your question? If you are refering
    to my disdain for some 60’s reject communist hippie trying to convince me
    that living in a 10×10 crate is the secret to happiness and that the
    American dream is the path to dispair, is me me stuff than you are wrong.
    It is not called me me stuff it is called Liberty. . If he prefers living
    in his little box more power to him, the problem is his ilk try to force it
    on us.

  44. @aviomaster I reckon it would be cool if these houses were modular. That
    way, you build your first one and as you save more and more money, you just
    keep adding ‘tiny rooms’ on to one another…

  45. If you like this kind of stuff(like I do), watch some of Jay Shaffer’s
    videos. He builds tiny houses, but he also gives advice on how to build
    them with some creature comforts (indoor toilet, shower, sinks, ect.) My
    goal in life is to answer to no one: Have a well for my water, a composting
    toilet for my waste, a garden for my food, wind and solar for my energy,
    and bio-diesel for my fuel. We need more people like this man.

  46. @PolluteLessDotCom Just cut it short, show it up to that point.
    People(especially kids) need to realize that there are benefits to not
    having a McManision and constantly competing with you neighbors.

  47. I agree with what he said I would rather be living poor and happy instead
    of rich and miserable. We have it all wrong bigger is not better. Use less
    and by less crap we need to change ourselves, the less you have the less
    you expect, we have too much stuff for one person to have all to
    themselves. Ride a bike instead of a car or by a cheap reliable car or
    scooter start using less and less, in the end you won’t be tied down to all
    your glorious nothing. Open your minds to the world around you.

  48. Love this idea! But has anyone experimented with larger sizes? If you could
    get the sq footage up to 1500-2000, then you would have something.

  49. Wow. This somehow reminds me of Little House in the Prairie. Weren’t the
    old American log cabins for bachelors around this size?

  50. @scoff1972 I think that might defeat the purpose of building a tiny house
    in the first place, which is freedom from conventional things such as
    mortgages, etc. Probably the biggest you could get and still retain the
    “tiny house” vibe would be 300 square feet. At least in my opinion.

  51. This is like a trailer park with extra suck. You can live well within your
    means without emulating Daniel Boone.

  52. @barisax25 You could also be sane and save your money and only buy a normal
    house that’s well within your means to afford. If the only two options are
    massive debts or living like a damn hobbit then you’re doing something

  53. So that I’m not completely negative, the guy does seems to have a good
    attitude and the tiny house does look fun to build.

  54. im all for the tiny house…screw the $200,000 house with 30 years of
    payments and 90 hours a week to pay for it all….. simple is better..

  55. I love tiny houses, but I couldn’t do without normal water, sewer, and
    electric. Small spaces are great, but rustic living holds little appeal for

  56. I love tiny houses, but I couldn’t do without normal water, sewer, and
    electric. Small spaces are great, but rustic living holds little appeal for

  57. this guy seems really happy but at the same time this is only pracitcal if
    you live by yourself. also how would you stay clean?? i need clean running
    water to brush my teeth at least.

  58. I live in a tiny house, only difference is mine is on wheels (RV). The
    phylosophy is the same though, keep it simple, only what you need. I think
    everyone should simplify and minimize!

  59. @nguyentousant Well you could also mind your own business and not try to
    tell me what it is that I can or can’t do. How about that?

  60. Anything that employs ingenuity and creativity without further waste should
    be celebrated. Emulated would be even better, but we can’t expect miracles
    from the terminally consumptive masses. The fine line between insanity and
    brilliance is only defined by the success of the results. These results
    look good to me, keep building them and they will come. Mark Lorenzana

  61. my dads building me a 10 by 16 house and im going to have a video of it
    after its built but its even more green its going to have a butterfly roof
    looks like this: v sorta and it collects water it will also have solar
    panels im going to move when im 14 get sheep chickens and a garden im going
    to be self sustaining (whatever that means)

  62. Agreed, why pay 250k for a 1000sf box to keep the rain off your head. when
    you think about what a house is and whats it takes to build one why should
    you have to enslave yourself for half your life to pay for it.

  63. @ThePackers123 lol you’re gonna have a stoke at 50 you’re so filled withh
    hate it only affects you though . Just rewards my idiot friend just rewards.

  64. I wanna build my own version of the tiny house. Make a solid foundation
    with basement the same size as the house sans roof. Build it wood frame but
    solid on the outside with cinder blocks all the way around with a small
    attached economy car sized garage with car port as an entrance to it, full
    plumbing with the wall mounted small water heater in the basement that
    heats the water AS you use it and full electricity. The energy bills would
    STILL be quite affordable.

  65. @BadMuffler I’m not sure if he actually has a channel, but you can find
    most of his stuff by search ” Tumbleweed Tiny House” on YouTube or Google.

  66. OK, OK, OK, OK, LISTEN TO THIS MAN FROM 01:03 to 01:13. ……. Do yourself
    a favor and listen to his words of wisdom in those 10 seconds! …… If
    everyone could figure out what those 10 seconds represent then we would be
    much happier. Kudos to you sir, you speak more truth and wisdom in 10
    seconds than most do in a lifetime.

  67. Love it! My husband and I are building a solar micro home on a trailer. The
    more space you have the more junk you think you need to fill it. When you
    get down to what you really use every day it can all fit in a small space.
    It’s better than being indebted to a huge house that you are always at work
    to try to someday own.

  68. I’ve gotta talk to this guy. People can say what they want, but if it’s a
    “hippie” thing to live within your means then I guess I strive to be a
    total “hippie”.

  69. I love the idea of tiny homes but for most they’re not the best example of
    living cheaply. For the price, I could build a 5 bedroom, two floor home
    made out of earth bags or make something equivalent with cob. Granted they
    have a tiny footprint but I’d rather have a bigger house that I can build
    for less.

  70. It could be the future, I sometimes wonder why just about everybody spends
    at least an hour commuting every day, has a batch of credit cards and store
    cards, spends hours doing their lawns and never get to enjoy it. Stuff is
    just stuff, and as long we mortgage our asses off the banks have us by the
    balls. Having said all that I prefer my 3500 sq ft . 🙂

  71. @Livinggreen100 You could be right. I use to live in the Netherlands which
    is very overpopulated and its common for even the well off to live in
    pretty small homes. I’ve spent a year now living in the suburbs of New
    England and it sucks. I have all the space I want and it’s quiet but the
    area almost seems like it was engineered to have a complete lack of social
    cohesion and apart from nature there is nothing to do but shop. Maybe i
    picked the wrong “town” . Maybe next time something like this.

  72. Why don’t they have how to Plumming and how to details on what really is
    needed in building a home. Most can undrestand framing but it the toilet
    and septic

  73. There are some people you should just listen to, this guy is like a poet. I
    just realised I am listening to poetry. We have to empower ourselves beonde
    THE SYSTEM boom and bust with the guy at the bottom taking all the crap.
    Check out Lamar Alexandra

  74. I would build a house but I have a chronic bulging disk. I want a place of
    my own like this. Will trade baby sitting or caregiving.

  75. I like this idea so much I was going to get one for my son to live in (he
    is 19) he will not go for it. he wants us to buy him a house which is not
    ever going to happen he would rather us keep raising his rent then move in
    to an apparment or a tiny house. I am almost morgage free and shows like
    this has made me realize all I need is the house I have, not a bigger one.
    as I watch shows like this my 1500sq really looks big to me.

  76. actually, there ARE a few tiny house towns in older cities in the
    U.S……Cabbage Town in GA. is one! u can here the neighbors have sex lol

  77. @HauntedBeetlejuice oops! i meant to say ‘hear’……. im not in GA these
    days, sorry….Cabbage Town is in the city limits of Atlanta, named so
    because the past residents cooked so much cabbage, immigrants from ireland
    i think…..not as small as the ‘tiny houses’, but VERY small and close
    together. Now, it’s a ‘quaint’ and expensive place to live !

  78. You still have to be rich to build a tiny house! Some of these people are
    spending $10,000 to build one! Good for you for being able to afford
    $10,000 and a piece of land to put it on. You are so fortunate.

  79. Gives me warm and fuzzy thoughts of Little House on the Prairie. Urban
    sprawl has wasted too much arable land. I would love to see a neighborhood
    of tiny homes. They should start in Detroit with some of those abandoned
    neighborhoods. Demolish and start over with tiny houses instead of Mc

  80. @gorillaMaticIAP my brother is crippled, and he is almost 30 and hates
    depending on family and living with others. we are gonna build him one that
    he will own because he might not ever be able to work and this these things
    have like… no bills attached to them except maby propane. This ciould be
    the answer to some of the homeless issues in the world

  81. This is just the inspiration I need to build my own. Given that I wish to
    be self sustaining in the future, NZD200,000 should be able to buy a 3 acre
    property where I want to live and a ‘large’ small house. I don’t want to be
    enslaved by money, a boring job or material possessions. Tiny house is the
    way to escape the monetary debt system.

  82. @drunknmonky77 We see what you are saying, but a plot of land and $10,000
    is A LOT cheaper than a normal sized home. In addition, the high price for
    a big home is not just the sticker, it is also, the maintenance and
    utilities that come along with it.

  83. I stayed at Peter Kings property in Bakersfield VT for a summer in 95. It
    was great. He had a half dozen or so tiny houses and the rent…… Helping
    keep the garden up, splitting wood for the winter etc. I will say though
    that at the time I had nothing but a duffel bag and a crappy car to my
    name. And I enjoyed it but you have to be willing to have next to nothing.
    And most people today couldn’t hack it for more than a few weeks.

  84. I think he does a better job than tumbleweed house people. I seems they are
    into tiny houses just to get rich…there is nothing wrong with that..but I
    think Mr. King got it right and he REALLY wants to teach everyone how to

  85. Wow…way cool concept there. Have you ever thought of incorporating Cobb
    material into your tiny home lifestyle? Thanks for sharing.

  86. In ’05 Erik Estrada, standing amidst the grandeur that was “California
    Pines,” offered $1,000-per-acre lots (as appraised by local govt.) for
    National Recreational Properties Inc. w/his proclamation: “This is truly an
    affordable development with prices starting at these incredible prices…”
    (N.R. Properties Inc. prices started at $19,900 per lot that measured up to
    an acre. With generous financing a lot was $46,104.58 by the last monthly
    payment. There was a 1-time documentation fee of $995).

  87. Hi, I am about to build a tiny house in upstate ny. I did order a partial
    galvinized roof and sides. I like the look and moderness of it. The
    interior will have a loft. Its 10X12 and the roof is 10ft at the top. Not
    into permits or anything that connects me to people that want my money. I’m
    thinking about insulation. do you have any ideas? insulation on steal?
    hmmm….anyways, i kinda need a lot of info…thx for your video…marianna

  88. This guy has the right idea. I like Tiny houses but I’d need plumbing. I’ve
    used an outhouse before, I like not having to go outside in winter to use
    one. Scaling back on stuff is the way to go though. I’ve been carless for 6
    months, public transportation and a bike work fine. I don’t miss the stress
    of commuting and having to gas up every week.

  89. My parents own an acre in Califonia Pines that they are more than willing
    to let me use, so I though “oh great opportunity to build”. From the little
    that I have read, I hear that there are far too many restrictions there to
    build. I could be wrong, but I was discouraged by the little bit that I did
    read =(

  90. I’m just curious. The home it’s self if more than affordable so that you
    don’t have to spend all your time working to own it, but how about the
    land? Is the land affordable? How do you go about aquiring land like this
    to where you don’t spend a lot of time working to pay off the land? My
    husband and I are VERY interested in finding land to build a self
    sustainable home, but the problem seems to be finding affordable land near
    necessities such as hospitals.

  91. hows it work? I mean, where do you put the house on? does it come with
    land? how much to get people to build it for you, pay them that is.

  92. I’m a kitchen and bath designer I recently submitted an idea for a small
    house I designed for myself to the local county building department. 565 sq
    ft, just the space I need [not want], off grid, 1 br, my ofc, living dining
    area, kit, bath, sunroom, Rvalues exceeding code and it was shot down. Too
    small, the insurance companies would hate it, no direct connections to the
    grid and/or use of their ‘product’ and the taxes would be rated for a
    garage not a house.

  93. There was a gentleman who submitted plans for a large house with a detached
    garage that had a kitchenette and bathroom in it. He got permission to
    build and started with the garage then never built the large house. One way
    to get around some of the codes. Food for thought.

  94. Mahalo! for the video this motivated me to build my tiny house. Even though
    I never did get the chance to meet Peter I built mine in Puna Hawaii.
    Aloha! “Imagine living in the tropics with a Tiny House! YeeeHa!” 😀

  95. i would like to build a tiny house. and the upstairs would be nothing but
    bed and i would roll about with my husband who wants to play with my hair
    and fold me well and whispering nice stuff. oh the bed box! i’d have built
    a little wall on one side, about a foot high, just so i had a nice little
    wall, nothing to obscure the view k? and i’d have a super chunky bedroll

  96. i need a tiny house and a husband. ok so get in touch. not a lot to ask.
    maybe not a husband. maybe just an interesting friend with a willy i like
    so much. we don’t have to live together all the time. i’ve lived alone for
    a very long time and i would miss it. i like being visited. i’d prefer be
    visited in a tiny house. good luck to my husband and tiny house. and yes i
    think i want a tiny house you can move about. so like a van with a tiny
    house in it etc etc i wanna drive my husband beep beep

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