Tiny Houses, Skoolies & Van Conversions OH MY! Community + Tours

Last weekend we had a blast at the Colorado Tiny House Festival. Besides MCing, we toured tiny homes and campers of all kinds. And thanks to the generosity of Simblissity Tiny Homes we spent 2-nights in a gypsy wagon! We love the feel of the rounded roof. Another major highlight: Zack Giffin’s famous, magical Outdoor Research THOW. ❤?❤

The best part of any tiny living festival is the people. We reconnected with old friends and made new ones. Watch for a taste of the tiny home community vibes and short tours of swoon-worthy structures—tiny houses on wheels, school conversions, van conversions, and more. ???

******************************************************************************************** New to our Channel? Welcome! We are Alexis and Christian, the creators behind Tiny House Expedition.

??? After falling in love and building our 130 sq ft tiny house on wheels, we hit the road to explore the tiny house movement.

❤ Join us as we create community, appreciate experiences over things, advocate for the movement, share tiny living stories/tours and resources:
?? FRIDAYS: Tiny Home Tours & Stories, Nomadic Life Vlogs, & How-To’s!
??? AND every so often, BONUS videos w/Exciting Tiny Living Movement Happenings!

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  1. The Bus Life family has 8 kids so there is 10 total on that 40ft Skoolie. I just don’t see how fluffy people can live in those tiny homes!

  2. Oh my! The massive stove on the bus “Colorado.” What the? @ 1:18 – Would love to see a tour of that lovely bus! Such a short clip of it, but my eyes popped wide. The THOW at 1:37 looks interesting, too. Was hoping to see inside. 5:37 – love the exterior. Did it have a bathroom?

    • Thanks for watching! In the future, we would love to shoot extended tours of many of the tiny homes featured. 🙂 1:18 is the Deliberate Life Bus, 1:37 in the background True North Tiny, and the tiny house deck we’re standing on is by Arnold Custom Builders.5:37 is Zack Giffin’s Outdoor Research tiny house that he uses for ski trips. It has an outdoor shower and a stow-away portable toilet. Links to all houses in the description. 🙂

  3. It’s curious that all these “nomads” all have professional videography skills. I see the video panning and tilting and zooming and strategic shaking of the camera for effect – all the work of trained professional videographers. I’ll not even mention the expert editing. And not just this video, but 90% of these supposedly “amateur-uploaded” video channels. YouTube is such a lie and deception.

    • For many years, YouTube has included a wide variety of creators with varying filmmaking skills. We shot and edited this video; our background is in filmmaking. This video was shot entirely with GoPro7. Over the last 4 years, we have traveled with our tiny house to document all aspects of the tiny house movement as part of our passion for documentary filmmaking and passion for showcasing all the positivity and diversity within the movement.

    • Tiny House Expedition – Yes, thank you for confirming that you all are professionals pretending to be “amateurs”. Like I said, there’s no such thing as a homegrown “YouTube STAR”, you all were put up to this, a manufactured farce for us viewers. It’s really insulting to us viewers. Lies and deception =YouTube Channels.

    • TheDamsel that is completely incorrect and not what I meant. You seem not to accept that YT doesn’t claim to have amateurs. And if you begin that way, you will likely dramatically improve your skills the more videos you make. Many many creators have professional experience, and YT is their creative outlet and/or a way to work for themselves. It’s been like this for years and years.

    • Tiny House Expedition – Now everyone knows you all were ALWAYS professionals and not the homegrown “Channel creators” you present yourself to be. Period.

    • TheDamsel we are not high end professionals but have skills and have always been up front about who we are, per our channel intro and website. This channel is a passion project that we enjoy doing and have dedicated much work too. Sorry you are disappointed we have video experience like a huge number of YT creators. If our videos were less quality made, would you like them better?

    • Our pleasure! We love showcasing the wonderful diversity of structures and people that make up the tiny living community. 🙂

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