Tiny Houses That Are Worth Millions

The ever-growing trend towards living a has become a social movement. People are choosing to live a minimalistic life and downsize and live in a home that’s more Environmentally friendly,
and of course its the price that attracts others, micro-houses can be purchased for relatively small amounts and a fraction of the cost of what would be considered an average-sized home,
but then theres some tiny properties around the world that are incredibly expensive with a price tag that could most likely buy a mansion in the same area.

Media licensed with Shutterstock, Videohive & Envato


  1. Interesting what the bang for the buck will buy in various different parts of the world of course some countries real estate is worth more than others. In Vancouver the prices are so incredibly high and the city has changed drastically since the city hosted the Olympic Games. Also many Chinese people have bought property in the area they have actually applied a foreign buyer tax recently

  2. Not a single surprise here, although I liked some of the photos of comparisons. Also, most of these properties are rubbish… and asking prices don’t matter.

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