Tiny Houses…Where To Start?

process of buying and isn’t exactly the same as purchasing estate. Here’s the 3 steps that I recommend for starting out your tiny house journey.

The world’s tiny house marketplace: http://tinyhouselistings.com

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  1. Portland Tennessee if you don’t have a place to put your tiny homes on wheels incredible tiny homes on wheels opening up a tiny homes on wheels community you don’t have to have one of their homes you can bring your own

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  3. I bought a house in town $12K . The reason it was so affordable was hurricane damage. Hoping to stay here long enough to save money to build a home that can survive a tornado.

    Cities are way too obtuse, the way they do things too intrusive. If you are going to build something that will be the last home standing should a cat 5 strike I say that you need to step aside you are a danger to the community. Concrete dome homes have life expectancy over 500 years , the pantheon in Rome has been around over a thousand years and has survived just fine.

  4. I would love to do the tiny house living but it’s just me and my 12 year old and don’t know where or how to start ! I just know I want a different lifestyle than the one I been living for 43 years ??????

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