Tiny Texas Houses and Pure Salvage Living Presents: The Online Salvage Mining Tutorial Video Series

Finally…What lots of our followers have been looking forward to…

Online Videos straight from Tiny Houses!

Presented by “Pure Living” Brad Kittel, proprietor of , is releasing a collection of video clips explaining the whole Salvage Process from Beginning to End.
Join April 29th, 2013 as we launch Chapter One of our Series through our internet site:

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  1. I was just thinking of what someone said on your page yesterday about all
    the foreclosed properties getting bulldozed and that made me think of all
    the properties rotting in Detroit. Now if only someone could be involved
    with a government agency and condemn those houses and reclaim all the
    useable parts for small houses. That would be cool. My husband and i have
    both said one of the best ways to bring jobs back to detroit would be to
    set up a lot of reclamation centers for the decaying houses.

  2. I visited you shop last spring about this time. I was very impressed with
    the amount of salvage you had and what you were doing wth this. It was a
    great surprise to see you place driving between Houston and San Antonio.

  3. Man I have got my first free home and 40×40 hay barn. House is early 1900s
    barn was buit 1942. Hope to start next weeking taking them down and then to
    build my tiny house and small animal barn. One question is there somewhere
    we can get plans for the “Arc the triumph Americana” house?

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