Tiny Texas Houses: “How to Start Your Own Salvage Business” featuring Brad Kittel

In this movie clip Kittel, proprietor of Texas Houses, explains how he began his tiny constructing firm and provides and suggestions you’d want to start out your very personal enterprise! Please remark and share this movie clip in order to spread word of all of the potentialities on the planet of salvage! For greater details or to become involved go to www.tinytexashouses.com or www.puresalvageliving.com


  1. Your idea for Tiny Houses is awesome. Wish we could have something like
    that built in my Country (Germany). If we could I would have one built.

  2. I am an entreprenuer who is more comfortable salvaging businesses and
    building apps than I am doing the same with houses… but I see a place in
    all of this for people like me to back and operationalize localized
    businesses like the one you are referencing. Thanks for effectively open
    sourcing your business model and encouraging people to create derivative
    approaches in their areas. Keep up the great work and free resources!

  3. What I really like about the ideas you are presenting here are that they
    are so practical and very difficult to argue with. What I would love to see
    happen is a way of getting out of work construction guys and ex-cons who
    need work & a clean life onto a track where they can own portions of
    businesses doing this. A micro-finance model could maybe work to get them
    franchised and up to speed in short order. Lots of interesting
    opportunities to make a difference. Thanks again!

  4. I was pretty damn excited after watching the first few videos from this
    account, now I am really really excited and seeing business opportunities
    which is amazing b/c we need some. Thank you!

  5. Wow this video actually made me excited for the future! I’m tired of a
    world where “things” are most important to people!!

  6. Great video! Each video I watch I learn more and more. I am looking forward
    to the Salving Mining Bootcamp on April 5-7, 2013 in Westhoff, TX. This
    will be my first bootcamp and I expect to learn a lot and have fun in the

  7. A very intelligible man this guy is! common sense understanding and full of
    pure common sense!
    These are the kind of people we need for politicians and we would all be
    living in a better world 

  8. this is such a great idea!…I really need advice….I live in a large city
    that have many homes that are scheduled for demolition….I realized
    growing up in this city that there are good things that can be
    salvaged….windows, some are stained glass, french doors, sliding doors,
    large oak entry doors,lots of wood, and not to mention all of the brick,
    which can be expensive if bought new….I have always wanted a brick
    driveway…and I would like to get some brick for that from these burned
    out, and vacant homes….they’re going to destroy the homes anyway….so
    why waste it?…the problem is that when I call the city…they tell me
    that it is illegal to remove anything, or they can’t give me the permission
    to do it…or that I can’t go inside, which I do understand the hidden
    danger of doing that…there are also shrubs, rose bushes ,Daylillies,
    Hostas etc…on some of these properties that are scheduled to be
    demolished….and it is so wasteful to just bulldoze everything…. there
    must be a way….what do I do????

  9. Absolute gospel, Brad! Thank you for being frank and telling it like it
    is. I am even more proud today knowing that people such as yourself are
    being ernest and persuing a dream that many others share. Great
    information and providing the motivation to continue doing what we do best.

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