1. Awesome build and what a great video! Thanks for sharing it and I’m looking
    forward to the next one. (Watch out for the neighbors though – they’ll
    probably want royalties at some point……) What mill in VT did you go to
    for the cedar scraps?

  2. Excellent vid lad….. You aren’t a redneck…. just someone who has it
    well sussed! I’ll be checking out the rest of your vids… you have a
    natural flair for addressing the camera!!

  3. Hey Man I like this “thing”. Keep making these things. They are utilitarian
    shacks. Man this is one for my Favorite’s.

  4. KsAmethyst- yeah, to whoever would be interesting in purchasing the cabin,
    depending on the locale, I might be able to deliver it- I’m in MA. The
    money from the sale will simply go to paying for the shooting (and cabin
    building) of MORE of these videos. Thanks to all else for watching! -Deek

  5. Deek, sweet shack. You’re obviously a carpenter. For us non-carpenters,
    where do you suggest we go to scrounge up sweet materials like you have
    there? Thanks! — Andy

  6. @ysgdhio you often have two options when it comes to getting materials for
    “free”. You can either go to the public dumps and scavenge alot of the
    needed materials, or you can visit recycling facilities and buy for a low
    price the necessary materials. If you’re looking for something special,
    like small pieces of wood for the walls etc, the local sawmill often have
    abundancies of “unwanted” cuts.

  7. Sweet video ! Keep them coming. You are cute and funny ! I had an old VW
    repair book that looked just like your book. And I could actually do some
    repairs myself and I’m a girl. Maybe I could build a tiny house with the
    help of your book! Thanks for sharing.

  8. like ur vids. Have you ever thought of makeing a tiny windmill useing a
    automobile gen hooked on a shaft by belt and the wind mill veins could be
    made out of anything 2 liter pop bottles or old hub caps gives a nice
    little supply of power to run an automotive light or even radio. Would
    supply enough power for lighting in a small home like that.

  9. Cool. Thanks for posting. These will come in handy for the millions who are
    currently homeless, or who will become homeless when the economy completely
    tanks this year. Try approaching Adidas and Amstel Light for product
    placement revenue!

  10. I think if more Americans were like you and your family we would be in a
    lot happier place…Congrats on the Times piece and best of luck!

  11. Excellent – you are onto something: potentially skirting zoning and permits
    with this thing micro structure on wheels. I’ve thought of how to put some
    sort of simple shelter on land I got me years back…but a love shack on
    wheels is perfect. Gotta look up your composting outhouse & put that on
    wheels so it rolls (accidentally) into my neighbor’s Porsche Cayenne…tips
    over…oh, #&!*#! and get a black eye like yours!

  12. @KlemzeTV WHY would someone do that- you’re not likely to face that
    scenario. It DOES, however, have some large eye-loop screws, for roping it
    down, staking it to the ground, if you needed to (ie, high-wind shoreline
    areas- just in case).

  13. @jumbaliapatatafacata looking for $2000- all of which would go towards
    building the next cabin, and shooting the next video or two….this one
    cabin was just featured in The New York Times,Yahoo.com, in Coastal Homes
    Magazine- and a few others…..

  14. @haigd Hey Haig! Thanks man- great to hear from you! Hope the screening of
    your new flick “Frankie In Blunderland” went well! I hear good things! If
    you ever need another zombie- keep me in mind….

  15. These videos are awesome, this dude is funny and thoughtful. It’s the
    little details and dual uses for parts that makes it cool.

  16. i want one of these and i probly have the stuff in my backyard to make it
    cuz we jst built a nice wood. vinyl. and tin roof doghouse haha

  17. Great video and concept. I love it. But I just have to ask…what do you do
    for a living that gives you the luxury of time to build all these charming
    things, write/illustrate a book, *and* be home in the middle of the day?
    Just wondering.

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  19. this is great! i have been thinking about a small structure for my backyard
    and you have given me some great ideas. thanks!!

  20. how do i find the polylaminated panels for transparent roofing…do you
    know of a specific source in mass. i wouldnt ask but my online searches are
    driving me crazy….am i using the wrong term?

  21. My mother (of all people lol), who is 67 years old, saw you video about the
    “Gypsy” house and fell in love with it so much that she has hired my
    brother-in-law to build her one. Just thought you would get a kick out of
    knowing that people of all ages like your videos! Keep up the good work!

  22. Hi, I was wonder, have you ever had the though of heating in them, it would
    be cool to have a solar panel with a pipe hooked up to the inside of the
    fort. so in the winter or when ever it gets cold, you can get warm by the

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