Tour of Tiny Houses at TinyFest Midwest 2017

Come along with us as we explore the different houses showcased at TinyFest Midwest. Maybe you will find some innovative ideas for your – we did!

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Ending Live Song: Braelyn Ensor / Sydney Israel

Lee Rosevere – Southside:


  1. Hey Guys! Let us know which house was your favorite. We liked seeing the focus shift from downsizing to helping the homeless!

  2. Hi, loved seeing the tiny houses. Can’t wait to see yours! Are you guys planning to go to the tiny house Jamboree in Arlington, TX on the 27-29? We really want to go!

  3. I liked the idea of the round houses that the Christian guy had down in Haiti. I think a lot of tiny homes would not survive strong winds….and think the demountable nature and yurt like layout has advantages. I’ve holidayed a lot in trailers when younger, and the 8ft width gets repressive pretty quick, especially in relentless bad weather. So a round floor plan would be less constrictive imho. BTW, I like where you heads are at. I am 40 odd years older than you, but if I was your age, I’d be doing a lot of what you are doing. I found you via Mic the Vegan channel. Mic has put some exellent content up there. Kudos to you both. and Hello from Brisbane Australia.

  4. The community idea is pretty awesome. I wanted to be a part of this in the UK but given how the law is here, having a tiny house without buying your own land seems next to impossible. Looks like I’ll have to leave the country!

  5. That was fun; thanks. I like the idea of a tiny house, But the vulnerability to storms and even just high winds seems daunting. Therefore, although the round grain bins, or whatever they are, are the least appealing aesthetically, the safety of them is very appealing. Since you have your own land, what will you be doing to provide for such concerns?

  6. WOW! God Bless the people that wanna help the homeless! There is just so much free stuff out in our great big country some of the stuff is like new and there is nothing wrong with using it and keeping it out of our landfills! Also cheap stuff we can use! Thank you

  7. Man, they all looked great! Really hard to pick a favorite. I think the community houses for the homeless was my favorite idea but the little wagon looking house looked awesome. It was also the smallest looking of the bunch maybe… very cool, thanks for sharing.

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