Tour This Extra Wide Tiny House with a Unique Folding Ladder

The Orchard House is a beautiful extra wide tiny house wheels measuring 10’x19′. This tiny home was built by at Salt Spring Island Tiny Homes and we especially love the super spacious loft and the space saving ship’s ladder that folds up and tucks away during the day.

To see more of Colin’s projects, check out his website:
Salt Spring Island Tiny Homes

You definitely check out his latest vlog series, Sink or Swim, about how he’s re-building a catamaran to run solely on wind and solar power!

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    • I’m only in my 30’s, but I understand. (Back injury) I love the idea of a tiny home, but I think a very small (500-600 sq ft) home will be more realistic for us when we are finally able.

  1. Ok. I am researching “living out of a car” and I end up with these YouTube Channels where rich people are just traveling around the country in their nice vehicles. You aren’t homeless. You are just on a vacation and you have a savings account.

    • The info you are looking for does exist, but yes, you really have to go looking. It’s usually under “stealth camping”.
      Some of the things I’ve seen: Planet Fitness – $10 membership & they have showers.
      Usually, the vehicle is a van of some kind with the rear seats taken out.
      If it’s a car, all of your stuff is kept in the trunk, so it’s not obvious you live in it, and you want to do something to even out the rear seat to sleep on more comfortably. (Like folded towels in the seat indentions and a sleeping pad across the whole thing.)
      Walmart is usually ok with overnight parking as long as you aren’t obvious about it.

  2. So where do you put the Tiny House once you have it? I notice people talk about Tiny Houses being more affordable, but it is the land that costs the money.

    • There are several options. Spending less on the house itself can leave more budget to buy land (& a tiny house needs less of it). Sometimes people find arrangments to rent a small section of land. Or an rv park. Or even rent parking space in a backyard in town.

  3. If they use a full size bed they could use more of the floor space in the loft for maybe a small desk and chair to work on a laptop or tablet or art. Maybe

  4. With all the bump outs on trailers. WHY of WHY can’t they make a house with a pop up that you just have to insulate. No problem moving that is there?! then you can get better height in the bedroom.

  5. How much propane do you need for 2 weeks in the winter? Saying, you don’t want to go into town for 2 weeks at a time, for me it would actually be 2 months at a time.

  6. This house was lovely and had some great features… The was m extra room in the loft and the ladder was great too. I’d love to see more tiny homes with that style of step-ladder…

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