Tour this Van’s Tiny Luxury Kitchen & Cook w/ Chef Meg

Meg gives up an in depth tour of her chef kitchen in her van. Afterwards, she teaches a short class with lamb gyros on a gluten cassava flatbread. Tune in Easter Sunday at 9am PST to the Van Damme to watch Chef Meg brunch live.

————– CREDITS —————
Matt Alexander

Jenna Kausal


ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE PROVIDED BY: Meg & Aaron of Van Damme Diaries


  1. Nice kitchen I’m in the process of doing mine in my bus but put it on hold because of this virus I hope to run into you on the road one day I do mainly Keto & low carb cooking; I’m working on some Fusion stuff better put out on my channel when I get it done stay safe in these uncertain times stay healthy stay strong god bless and enjoy life ✌❤👨‍🍳🎅🚌’S

  2. Nice kitchen! That was an important part of my build as well and takes up the majority of my van.
    Noticed a Halifax magnet on the fridge, was that Halifax, Nova Scotia? Perhaps North Carolina which I found last October or maybe there is more of them.

    • Eric’s Vegan Van hmm yea betting maybe NS as has lighthouse and could be Peggys Cove. Lol obviously I live in NS, do you? Oh okay went to your fb page and yea see you are! Cold in van the past two eves! I am in the valley we have snow again this morning.

  3. Amazing! I love that chef Meg, who has worked in luxury environments, can make such healthy and delicious meals in a more simple kitchen and so little space. Skill! (Kia ora from New Zealand xx)

  4. I’m disappointed. I didn’t get to eat the meal at the end of this video. Heartbroken is an understatement. Yeah, I’m going with devastated.

  5. Love this Van. Vanlifers are truly a great community of change makers and critical thinkers.
    Some info that feels especially relevant now: Planetary Health!!
    -Dr. Courtney Howard: Healthy Planet, Healthy People

    -Evolving Science and Policy to Meet the Challenge of Planetary Health

    -Can the Private Sector Drive Change

    -Planetary Health Alliance

    -Building Change Through Story – Theory of Social Movements – Marshall Ganz

  6. Love the overall van design, but the kitchen is one of the best I have seen. I see you gave up direct access to the driving compartment to get that beautiful kitchen. Some other van travelers have described situations of someone trying to break in while they were sleeping and the driver went straight to driving away without having to go outside and encounter the intruder. These are realities that have to be taken into consideration. Even a doggy style door at the bottom could do the job and flip open if needed. I wonder if you have considered such options. I would have to have something like that to sleep at night, but would want it to work with such an excellent kitchen design.

  7. I love how this dish is very Mediterranean/Greek based and it’s healthy, vegan and gluten free…and looks delicious

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