TOY HAULER turned TINY HOME for adventure couple + 2 dogs

Megan and Jordan a toy hauler trailer into an incredible home on wheels with an elevator bed, wood stove, kitchen, bathroom, & enough space for their two german shepherd pups!


Jenna Kausal

Matt Alexander
Mark Dexter

Marcia Trader



#tinyhouse #toyhauler #nomadicmovement

00:00 Intro
0:56 Meet the owners
1:14 Inspiration to go nomadic
1:49 Why a toy hauler
2:19 Build process
3:08 Cost
3:20 Trailer stats and tow truck
3:49 Exterior tour
6:27 Interior tour kitchen
8:30 Bathroom and storage
10:22 area
13:26 Elevator
15:07 Outro


  1. The front window that is a bit of a problem. I think I’d put a metal canopy that folds down flat when traveling and can be raised up to direct the rain away from the window. Just a thought, I thought I’d pass on. Love your trailer, it’s perfect!

  2. I was pleasantly surprised by this beautiful home!! The kitchen is very homey & pretty. Got plenty of storage & a workable bath. The bed was super neat!! Love the materials used!! Great ideas!! Very liveable!! 💖🏡☺️

  3. Probably going to get hated on for this. But she seems on the spectrum. A more honest discussion about this would have been appreciated.

  4. This is perfect. It’s got everything you’d need and it’s so well done. That couple are very clever. Hope they sort out that front window soon. Would be such a shame to them get have to repair water damage.

  5. Very impressive! Well organized & so functional! You’re very creative & multi functional uses have combined into home & office that is comfortable & practical! Really ingenious use of space & cost efficient too! Kudos on a great job! 👍

  6. Superb layout, design and innovation. For cost and versatility, I’ve always thought a cargo/ horse trailer was the way to go and this is a superb example of what people can achieve. Particularly love the genius bed system.

  7. That’s brilliant….I think the only problem with the nomadic lifestyle presently is the cost of fuel now…I think a lot of them will have to just find a permanent base now till fuel levels out…

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