Transformer CNC cabin by a lake as father-son work dialogue

Daniel Yudchitz and his father, Bill, are both architects who took their love of craft, cabins and Swiss precision in architecture (e.g. Peter Zumthor) and created a CNC-cut cabin crafted to a fraction of an inch.

The home is built with interlocking structural panels and can be disassembled. In fact, the father/son team built most of it in their parking lot, moved it and completed the on the grounds of a state fair before it once again to its final resting place on their property on Lake Superior (in far north Wisconsin near Bayfield).

The furniture was built to interlock and morph from table and benches into a handicap-accessible bed.


  1. Man is it ever cold up there. I grew up in northern Michigan but I don’t know if I could take it anymore. I’m glad to see these people are more hardy than I am and that they have built something very nice

  2. I’m not sure how you would work this into your usual kind of video, but I would LOVE to know more about acoustical control in a room. How can you block noise from the outside? Keep inside noise from passing outside? Reduce the level of sound in a noisy room? Can you create a quiet room in a noisy place without opening up and altering the walls?

  3. “Basically, we poured money into it in every way you can imagine, and many ways you’d never dream of unless you were high on drugs.”

  4. this guy can’t do math or measure, it’s more than 12 feet long, maybe 16-20 feet, with a 4 foot loft at each end, that would leave 4 feet for a living area.

    • The cube in the middle is 12’X12X’12’. He wasn’t including the lofts/bathroom. He said that. You’re criticizing his calculations… maybe you should get your eyes checked if you think that’s 16′-20” 😛 ( it’s over 20′ )

  5. That’s a great cabin! There are so many great ideas well engineered and executed thoughout! I would be interested to see more about the water and electricity supply systems. Are there any solar panels on the roof?

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