Tree House from Boston, MA area Tiny House Builder

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Derek “Deek” Diedricksen shows us a tree he built and designed for a Boston 's family in late 2015. This tree house was a very simple, ultra-budget build using some of the materials salvaged from the tree house/fort that was previously on the site, but destroyed in a large storm when a tree fell directly on the previous structure.

Deek also hosts hands-on tiny house and tree house building workshops…. or updates….


  1. I wonder do you check your wooden curbside finds for hitch hikers? Here on the PA, NY border areas a lot of people put furniture curbside that have bed bugs. They hide in the niches and joints of furniture. Probably not a big issue in MA. But many states and DC have this issue. It’s an expensive freebie when it happens unfortunately.

  2. Nice little treehouse. Whenever I built one it always came out like that thing in the children’s book “Why i built the boogle house”

  3. i love this! i’ve been making my van into my home on my channel, and i’m building a tiny house next, this gives me lots of ideas 😛

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