TWO MASTER bathrooms & bedrooms in 1178SF (tiny?) home

Needing TWO MASTER bedrooms and two master bathrooms? Here in the Mimosa, Mr. Tiny gives you a of this 1178 2/2 home on display at Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins. This amazing home has so many great features including a lot of built in storage. It has a hall closet. It has two massive bathrooms with tons of cabinet and drawer space plus two tile walkin showers and a stand alone tub.
The Mimosa 2/2 is currently on sale for just $80000 including delivery and set within 100 miles (additional freight charges apply for farther distances), the a/c unit installed, vapor barrier, extra perimeter blocking, temporary steps, manufacturer’s warranty, plus an additional extended service contract covering the house for a full 7 years.
For more pictures and a printable floorplan of the Mimosa, visit



  1. its perfect for me!! the price is fantastic but i cant afford it. i live in colorado and transporting it would be a fortune.

  2. I really liked the mimosa it’s beautiful wish that l had some land. I don’t began to know anything about parks or trailer parks.

  3. I really like the Mimosa it is a reasonably GREAT size. However there are a few things I would need to be tweaked to make it more personal to my needs. Overall AWESOME👍

  4. Another beautiful home. I would only make minor changes just because I’m unique. I would change the linen closet on the guest side into a stackable washer and dryer. I would add a small shelf in the guest toilet for paper and the laundry room I would convert into a small office/ art room and instead of the galvanized steel in the living room I would leave plain but that’s just me but everything else I would leave as is for this is just beautiful 😍

  5. Love bedroom in same floor not crazy about placements of all the windows, like a higher sink but not the square sink and having a shower and a tub takes up space put together as regular size tub/shower which is better and less to clean too

  6. Now this house is so nice?
    I love, love, love, love that it has a bathtub,
    and also a separate room for the washer and dryer.😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  7. I love this house I just need some land to put it on also I don’t like the metal on the side everything else were good.

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