UK Actors’ Spectacular Tiny Home On London Outskirts!

#sponsored @ This episode is sponsored by ! Go to or text livingbigtinyhouse to 500-500 for your free trial! – In this weeks episode we find ourselves the outskirts of London visiting a couple of actors who have built themselves the most remarkable home!

A DIY build using almost entirely materials, there is a tremendous amount to love about this home. It's , feature packed design makes the home not only lively but also immensely clever and .

Harrie and Joe are a fun loving couple who have constructed a tiny house which is almost as lively as they are, Surrounded by beautiful gardens and with a rural out-look, their home is only a stones throw out of London city.

Perhaps the best part of this tiny house is the fact that it has allowed Harrie and Joe to reduce their financial overheads and doing the work they love as actors. Joe as a stage actor and Harrie who records audio books from her tiny home studio.

We hope you enjoy this tour of this inspiring couples spectacular tiny home!

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  1. what an incredible tiny – these two have thought about everything – would love to know about the decision to put their clothes closet in the bathroom – they must have a great exhaust system to keep moisture from their clothes – interesting choice to not have a washer / dryer – thought I was ambitious during the pandemic but these guys (and Dad 😉) win the prize for keeping busy – well done 🇨🇦🙏

  2. I havent even watched yet, but I’m so happy to see a UK home featured, near London too! Nice to see that it’s possible over here

  3. Wow, beautiful tiny home. What amazing fortune to have your dad as a builder to help along! 😊 And I wondered, 35000 pounds, does this include storage whilst they were building it and usage of tools?

  4. Very nice but as always, whose land did they build it on?. That’s where the big money goes, usually the people build for free on parents land, add a purchase price of land and you are paying the same as you would for a small bricks & mortar house.

  5. Ooh this is a wonderful tiny house! Great layout and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the idea of building taller with parts that can be removed for transport, such a good idea. And as an English person who-s lived in Italy for many years, I just like hearing accents that remind me of home 🙂

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