Ultra Modern Tiny House with beautiful luxury amenities

Take a tour of this incredible, , built as a vacation home and rental by the owners looking for a escape. The home features two full , a beautiful kitchenette, a , and a aesthetic.




Marcia Trader

Sarita Darlington Winey

Sarita Darlington Winey

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0:00 Intro
0:53 Welcome to the Fox Den!
1:13 Building the Tiny House
2:19 Total Cost of Home

3:10 Break Down
3:39 Check Out the !
4:44 What Wildlife is Around?
5:22 Tour Begins
5:35 Fox Den Guest Book
6:01 Making it Feel Like Home
6:37 Acquiring the Couch!
7:08 Tour
7:57 -Out Table
8:11 w/ Jet-!!
9:31 Let's Go Upstairs!
9:37 Primary Bedroom w/ Custom Shades
10:03 Catwalk
10:13 Second Bedroom w/ Custom Dresser
10:42 Reflecting on the Build
11:16 Running the Airbnb Business
11:37 Outro

# # #


  1. Nice but…
    A HUGE part of living simple in a tiny home is not spending a HUGE amount of money doing it. Very nice but the height really limits where it can be towed, although it doesn’t sound like they plan to move it. Glad they are happy with it and renting it will help pay for it.

  2. $225,000 for a tuna can on wheels, that a strong wind might destroy? That’s……absurd. These two aren’t very bright. Also, the yuck factor of AirBnB’ing it out to total strangers. 🤮

  3. Gorgeous and well spaced out
    From the outside it looks narrow
    But when you take us inside it is so much bigger with plenty of space
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us

  4. Wow they did an amazing job on this home. Love the layout. You did great on making us feel like we were there walking through the home ourselves. Great video Jenna, thank you!

  5. Oh Please I need to know your comfy bed details !!! Am in the market and need advice !
    PS Love your home and that deck with the hippo (yes I saw it too) LOL

  6. 7:48 are they both super tall? They look super tall next to the sinks and cabinets! Their waists are higher up that the counters! Wish I was that tall!

  7. I wondered about who this is mostly rented by. Couples or families. It looked like a couples retreat, but the bedrooms didn’t afford any privacy. For me, I’d rather have privacy for my time away, or a few more indoor and outdoor amenities to entertain children if I were to take the kiddos. Just my thoughts. It’s a lovely home, of course! ❤

  8. Even the most popular short term rentals reach only about 60-70% occupancy per month. At the amount they paid, plus rent, cleaning, maintenance, they are probably breaking even at best. 225k is too much for the home they got. I suspect a lot of that went into the frame. There no reason to import a frame at all, it would have saved them thousands to not do that. I’ve seen a lot of tiny home, this one should be closer to $150,000. Only very expensive builders would charge more. The interior isn’t anything shocking or ultra luxurious either. They could have saved a ton of money and buy land with that saved money instead of renting it. Nice home but they got taken to the cleaners.

    • Also the home being 17′ high and on rented land is a huge oversight. Moving this would be extremely expensive unless its to a plot next door. And literally impossible to move past a few dozen miles. Combined with the floor level windows and the absence of privacy (which matters more in an AirBnb), it really feels like these guys wanted to build this purely for the trend of tiny homes and make some money. The price, the size, etc is very odd.

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