Ultra Modern Tiny House With Master Bedroom

“Our custom build the Boehm sits on a 28’ Movable Roots trailer. Our goal with this home was to make it highly livable and ultra-modern in 265 square feet of space. The Boehm boast not only the Movable Roots signature main floor master but a guest loft as well. The master is separated by two ceiling to floor wood barn doors. There is a raised couch with a under storage dog bed as well as pull out tables for dining. The kitchen has Dekton countertops ample storage. There is a barn door separating the bathroom that has a walk-in shower with Dekton walls.”

See Movable Root’s current listings for sale: https://tinyhouselistings.com/profile/25236

Built by Movable Roots: https://www.movableroots.com

Tiny houses for sale at http://tinyhouselistings.com


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  1. And for the low price of only $120,000.00 this new very affordable tiny home could be yours. Taxes, fees and other unwanted things included (of course). Can’t buy today? Bad credit? Don’t worry! For just $5,000 down and $790 per month (for only 5 years or more) this beautiful little gem of a cottage could be yours.

    Seems that the smaller that these so called “tiny houses” get the more $$$ which the consumer has to pay for. Kinda like the junk food industry like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King etc. The smaller in physical size that their so called “meal deals” get the more $$$ that the consumer has to pay for.

    Like any other good thing ruined by big business, they’ve definitely attempt to “corner the tiny house market” and by doing so they’ve just about ruined it with their own greed, cheap tiny house building materials, border-line false advertising etc. etc. etc.

    The rest of the tiny house builders, who actually care about the consumer while trying to save the consumer more $$$ and while using good quality building materials, they’re getting the bad rap for whatever big business does to everyone else.

  2. Do not need Bed/loft or bed,,justa sofa/futon fold out…./ no need dishwasher/clothes washer (clothes dryer yes), do not need a large shower. Good design for women, not for single man. Note all the women comments, *LOVEEEE IT* glad to see ladder, stairs are weird in a TH design.

  3. Spinning too fast for me in every area. I couldn’t figure the layout, and watching made me dizzy. Is there no way to simply walk us through it next time?

    • Dr. Sass THANK GOSH I wasn’t the only one with that same thought! I had to rewind 8 times & focus on the Windows & wall hangings to figure the layout!! Moved way to fast & didn’t show all of the hidden treasures so you get a thumbs down on this one from me tiny homes! And again, NO $ for cost!

  4. Spin too fast for me. I don’t really get the layout and I want to look the details of it. But spin too fast I can’t get enough of it. Awwh

  5. Beautiful home. It just struck me as I was watching this and I was wondering if anyone makes tiny homes that have pull out slides?

  6. I really like this place, downstairs master/office, nice bathroom, decent kitchen. The only downside is the living/dining. You could get some kind of convertible coffee table to eat at but there’s no place for a TV. Maybe this is for someone who’s into reading, or maybe it would be better to do a single door/window instead.

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