Under $10K- A Tiny House On Wheels meets Boat Living!

Meet Colby and Marie, a couple traveling and on wheels- one that was built for only $10K (less actually). This simple, but clever, tiny house is loaded with space saving and transforming elements (be sure to stick around for the bed that lowers from the ceiling), and uses quite a few reused and salvaged elements to not only give this tiny home a unique look, but resulted in them saving quite a bit of money.

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    • Caravan dude,get a cheap gym membership and shower and shit there,get a cheap wood stove to cook on and save money for a house,those are my plans

  1. Nice setup, and great use of limited space! The bed, the table, the other items serving dual purposes, makes for one great little place. Awesome people who know how to live small, but in comfort. Thanks for the interview Deek, this was super interesting and inspirational.

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