Under 25,000 Tiny home!



Reach via Email at sales@incredibletinyhomes.com


  1. prayers for you Matt
    you two are great you do great things for the people I have no transportation so I gotta stay where I am at in Deland FL

  2. Wow. Just saw on another YouTube channel Lennar is building a tiny home community just outside San Antonio. The houses are under 400 sq ft and you get a backyard, no garage, loft upstairs. Randy they see what you are doing and want to run with it. “Elm Trails, will rise in the Spring Meadows subdivision, with each home sitting on a 20-foot wide lot, giving enough room for a small backyard. Prices will range from roughly $160,000 to $170,000.”

  3. I love her home, it’s delightful. She’s a very talented artist too.
    So sorry to hear about Matt. I hope his remaining time is comfortable and filled with friendship and love.

  4. Panther not mountain lion….very rare..sightings in my state of New Mexico are rare too , but they are out there….both cats are dangerous…..put up your dogs and cats.

  5. Natural cures exist Randy. Its definitely worth all the effort to go Holistic Medicine. Glad you’re there to guide him Randy.😊

  6. There is indeed alternative medicine herbal, and such that can truly be successful for cure. Prayers and confidence in the Lord and good people to help with nutritional healing!! Best wishes – Randy being a friend at this moment is monumental in healing🎉❤
    Dorothy Templeton

  7. In the name of Jesus, cancer be gone. Help Matt & his family get through this terrible news, heal him oh almighty god, & may all things will be just fine for Matt. God you tell us in your book with these stripes, you will be healed. God we lift our brother Matt up to you to heal him, dear God. Blow new life into him & let others see the miracles you still preform on a daily basis. Let him be a ray of sunshine & become a changed man before you & be able to share & to show others that all things our possible through Jesus Christ. And lets all say it together, AMEN & AMEN
    May God give Randy & ITH family peace & comfort knowing Matt is in good hands with Jesus Christ our Lord & savor.
    God bless,
    Chris from Missouri

  8. I’m praying for Matt and his wife. I want the best for both of them. They will remain in my prayers. I believe in holistic medicine and healing, and hope that Matt chooses to pursue the help he can get in Lexington.

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