Unique Tiny House Grain Silo Conversion Full Tour!

This is something we have never seen before! Grain silo conversion to house with built on on both sides! such a unique layout and house, I love the creativity and beauty that went into this Airbnb!

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  1. Such an unusual design! It’s really lovely 😊 I’m not a fan of black tiles usually but those little hexagon tiles are absolutely gorgeous as are the incredibly unusual work tops 😍 I loved how they’d done the back of the property too, I was not expecting that, it’s lovely. Loved the wallpaper in the bathroom, I have dandelion clock curtains which I adore 😍 I’m really glad that you’ve shared this place with us 😊

  2. Amazing! I just saw a disused grain silo when I was in Iowa and I said it would make an incredible Airbnb! So cool to see someone’s made one! Great tour my friend!

  3. I absolutely love it I just I would add a loft area so you could have a f****** closet walk in closet I think it’s certainly fit an upper floor it still wouldn’t take up you know most of that you can still have the the ceiling behind just put in a section of an upper Loft area so you can have a walk-in closet

  4. This is really unique and very beautiful!😮❤
    I love the design in- and outside. The black metal, the kitchen and bathroom space. The outside patio space is always once of my favorite things!❤
    And I will probably need a month to visit all the Ohio airbnbs you had on your chanel.🤣

  5. The workmanship that went into this home is incredible! It Just blows my mind to see what creative hardworking people can do with their building skills! The interior design is absolutely gorgeous too. It’s really fun to see people using colours that I would not normally choose, but after seeing how awesome they look in a well designed space, I get very inspired! Loved this place, it’s so unique!❤

  6. My name is Raymond I’m from New Haven Connecticut that silo we did that 30 years ago in Milford Connecticut we turn off silo corn silo into a house three floors kitchen in the living room and bedrooms upstairs this ain’t nothing new you guys are young tiny house we’ve been doing this for years and they didn’t cost a lot of money either way I’ll spend money what complimentary is nice okay she’s going to let you know okay there ain’t nothing new I did it before

  7. Love this place! 😍Love the black cabinets in the kitchen and how they matched the countertops so well! 🥰Cool that they left some of the silo exposed in the bedroom and bathroom! The bathroom is beautiful! My favorite part is the outdoor space with the hot tub, swinging chairs, and the grill! ❤So awesome! 😀I think I could live there, seriously! 💞

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