Urban Tiny House Dwelling in St. Louis (with hidden bathtub!)

Its what keeps this channel running (thanks for your support!). In this episode, we feature a very cool/unique tiny house in St. Louis, Missouri- one with a hidden bathtub in the floor!

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  1. 16 feet with a tub and shower! This is hands down one of my most favorite tiny houses. Nope sorry you can’t come stay with nana.lol.Yes!!!

  2. Sweet Rig! Clean lines! Unique shell! Even the music was great! You can tell that song was heavily inspired by an ol’ Ellington Jordan/Billy Foster collaboration recorded by Etta in ’67. Etta James’s original rocks! and that song has been covered by a million epic artists, but the best tribute version out there is by Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac fame when she was still going by her real name Christine Perfect in 1970. Check it out Derek, and if you haven’t heard it before, hope you dig it > Christine Perfect – I’d Rather Go Blind on the youtubes (or for better fidelity off of her self titled album) By the way great episode today WTG, keep up the good work!

  3. So if you want to take a bath you have to have your head near the toilet? Looks cool, but I don’t think its very sanitary or relaxing.

    • Unless you never clean the bathroom then it’s usually not a concern… You’re actually exposed more in other places of the house.

      Like unless you clean your bedding every day, which most people don’t do, then you’re basically sleeping with the same bacteria that’s on your toilet seat, on your pillow and everything, and the concentration just goes up the longer you go between washings…

      The typical kitchen also usually has over 100 times the bacteria than your bathroom has and many of them are more dangerous to your health.

      Those who eat around certain areas in the house, say their computer keyboard, are also prone to have some pretty nasty bacteria and is also a location that accumulates higher concentration of bacteria because most people don’t clean those areas on a daily basis.

      Kitchens also have higher risk factors because unless you grow your own food then the food you have has gone through many different hands and have contacted with lots of different things that multiply your chances of being exposed to something that can be harmful to your health.

      While most of the bacteria in your bathroom comes from your body and thus usually doesn’t pose a risk to your health, and you’re going to have most of those bacteria’s on you pretty much all the time anyway because they’re coming from your body…

      So I’d worry more about those places that aren’t cleaned regularly and may expose you to things your immune system may have issues with…

  4. Just so you know I saw the episode of tiny house on this exact tiny house, why the kitchen is raised up is so the lady who owns it can put her protable trappies under the kitchen. Since i saw this tiny house I fell in love with it.

  5. Nice place! I’m only 70 miles from there. Glad ur showing some places close for us to check out. Thank u for always sharing such awesome places and things. 🙂

  6. Amazing!!!! Love love love…im completely obsessed over tiny homes..i Don’t care what type how small or big cause all of them serve a purpose for someone to fit their life style..I can’t wait to begin my adventure with one it will be mind blowing ❤❤❤❤❤

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