Utah Tiny House For Sale with AMAZING VIEWS (and 5 acres of land!)

‘Trying out a new segment here which will randomly help out some sellers, serve as a chance to check out some tiny houses on the market, and be a means to pick through them to potentially gain some inspiration and information on them, and through them, in regards to style, function, and approach in tiny house/. I felt it might be fun and might be something we could all learn by. As always thanks for watching!

This place COULD already be sold by the time this goes live- but still, here is the link….. https://www.landsofamerica.com/property/5-acres-in-Duchesne-County-Utah/9216766/

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  1. Windows might be small to discourage theft. If somebody wants in, they’ll get in. But the more troublesome you make it (gate, high or small windows, fencing, sturdy doors and locks) the odds go down a bit.

    A good topic to explore sometime might be tiny house security. Since a lot of folks are not living on site full-time.

  2. Just my kinda place…I’m only one person and need only one bed…the others are (in my mind) a tub room, and an office…and many more thoughts for $44k! 👍 thank you.

  3. For the price not bad. As long as the land is non restricted with no zoning ordinances and has utilities in place already or very close by.

  4. I came across this place just a few weeks ago, I recognized it right away from the first photo. It is a cool area in eastern Utah near Strawberry Reservoir and Duchesne, lots of inexpensive land, and close to Skinwalker Ranch if you are into UFO watching.

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