Van Life In A Renovated VW Kombi Westfalia

Taking to the road and living the van life in a beautifully renovated VW Kombi Westfalia, this are exploring Australia and working to earn their parking spots as volunteers at sustainable communities and farms all over the continent.

The van has been beautifully renovated using almost entirely recycled and salvaged materials, mostly pallet wood. Kylie and Stu had dreamed of living in a and did the entire renovation themselves.

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The share their journey, along with stories about they remarkable and individuals who they meet on their travels on their website:

‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © Zyia Pictures Ltd


  1. I dunno why I love this car so much… Some people said if you didn’t know anything about machine it would be disaster. But if I had to choose expensive sporty car and vw combi, I would always choose vw combi. It doesn’t offer you speed or comfort but feelings from the past. It’s replaceable!

  2. They are doing a great job! Hats off to their efforts.

    Very good compilation… thank you living big in a tiny house

  3. Coming from Germany I can say that Wilhelmina is an old Prussian name
    Nobody’s name is Wilhelmina but it’s funny to call an van Wilhelmina

  4. I never knew the meaning of my own name 😉 Im not a protector lol but the queen Wilhelmina from the netherlands (from a few decades ago) does fit it

  5. Great video, thank you to Bryce and the team. I enjoy each and every video that Living Big In A Tiny House makes and shares.
    I liked this episode a lot because I think it’s so nice and refreshing to hear young people enjoying life on the road and traveling around Australia to learn, work and live. Instead of saving their cash and heading overseas, they bought a kombi and said lets check out our beautiful countryside and have an adventure along the way with a memorable tale to tell later on in life. I really like the van and their added extras- those kinds of things set it out from other vans and make it a complete home.

  6. Excellent van conversion and beautifully designed.
    But I couldn’t avoid wondering what kind of drugs does the woman take.

  7. There is no problem paying $18K for that Kombi, the value of that Van is growing by 10-15%pa…… it’s an investment.

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