Van Life In Olympia – Young Woman’s Adventurous Home On Wheels

This inspirational young woman has taken the plunge into by converting an old into a beautiful tiny home on wheels. With a dream of one day living on a sail boat, 21 year old Milla chose to live in her van as a way of both saving money and transitioning into downsized living.

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  1. This has got to be one of the most unique homes you have shown so far. The idea of living out of your vehicle has a very intriguing way of living how and where you wish to. I really enjoy watching all of the different kinds of people and places on your videos. Not too mention the different kinds of tiny homes. I never realized how many kinds of ways that you can make a tiny home ?. Keep up the great work and keep sharing your videos.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I like her “go getter” attitude when it came to building the van. I liked that she wanted to learn with her partner and it turned out so pretty!

  3. What a great van and a lot fo work put in the van build , PRAYING that she gets the crack windshield fixed though , for some that is 21  she has a lot of mature in her Great Van

  4. Bryce- what did it cost to realise this project?
    Stoned girl- well the van was really cheap, and since then Iv invested a lot in the van, but the interior was really cheap…..
    Thanks for such concise answer ?

  5. My first car was our family’s 1986 Chevy Astro. It’s been 15 years since I had to get rid the van, but hearing the sound of that side door sliding open was almost Pavlovian for me. I miss my Astro so much. Nice to see one with new life to it.

  6. Another wonderful video Bryce ! I really enjoy your channel. You pick diverse homes and lots of very interesting people. How are you enjoying all the traveling ? If I were young again, I’d like to have a job like yours. Keep up the great work… comes though how much you enjoy what it is you do ! Since you are up in my area of the country, Have you checked out some of the tree houses in the Seattle area ? It would be so cool to see those. If you’ve watched the Treehouse Master he’s up in that area. Just food for thought! Take care…bye

  7. She should get a composting toilet and there are better (cheap) portable stoves than that. I would put water tanks on the roof with a shower attachment and shower outdoors (they have many options with curtains). I would get a small solar panel to put on top too. She loves her setup so I won’t judge but for someone else there is so much more to do with all that space and still have it open as she does.

  8. As per….epic vid. great van and awesome interview with another amazing person. thank you for the quality work you do…..I absolutely love it.

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