Veteran coder builds stone-covered Dome Home into Texas hill

Al Schwarz wanted a with and protection from extreme weather so he dug into a hillside, inserted cement domes and buried them again with enough earth and rock to guarantee protection.

He spent 10 years stacking 230 tons of rock as a retaining wall and planting grass and atop the home. The final home is heavy enough to guarantee a steady temperature. “A normal weighs about 46 tons,” explains Schwarz. “This one weighs between 600 and 700 tons, so it cannot temperature rapidly – only about a degree in . Therefore, it's very easy to keep the .”

His 7 acres cost $49,000, though he took out a loan to build the domes which was not easy to find for such a non-conforming property. He finally found one that had financed other dome in the past.

With a greenhouse of vegetables and potatoes, and a lake in his backyard for fishing he is nearly entirely self-sufficient. The home is by solar and often feeds back into the grid.
His earth-sheltered home has also become a refuge for neighbors during extreme weather. One neighbor was so impressed they have installed their own dome for private protection from storms.



  1. Kirsten, did you show this guy that amazing hydraulic lift fridge in the Canadian underground dome home? That’s a natural for these domes.

  2. I missed a detail. Where did he buy the domes? I’m wondering if something like this could work in a snow climate. I’d imagine there is ambient temperature would be in the 50s.

  3. While I wouldn’t live in Texas, this is kinda my dream property. I love domes and stone, has a lake w/ fish, disaster safe, greenhouse, it’s pretty perfect.

  4. Hey Kirsten, great find and interview. If you live eccentric Texan communities check out Ransom Canyon in Lubbock County. Lived there for a few years. Quite a few similar amazing experimental houses.

  5. You showed an underground dome house before, that felt like a bunker, and seemed dark inside. This one is friendly and inviting. The rocks look great. Really nice place overall.

  6. MERCI thanks . C est exactement comme ca que je reve de vivre sur des hectares c est magnifique.kirsten ici en France il y a la meme conception .dans les Cévennes ou Ardèche

  7. STUNNING home. Well done man!!! The worst type of home, IMO, is just square corners everywhere. 90 degree angles get boring. This home is the OPPOSITE of that! So cool!!

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