“We the Tiny House People” trailer

Full film right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDcVrVA4bSQ

I stumbled into the by chance of location- my mom and dad live within miles of the tiny house poster boy Jay Shafer and his 89 sq. foot home-, but also within a few years I had come to be part of it as one of the few, and maybe solely, videographers documenting small shelters all the time. When I first interviewed Shafer, he was one in every of only a handful of “Tiny House People” noticeable to the press. In the previous three years I've helped turn a handful of inhabitants of small shelters into micro-celebrities (presently, 5 of my tiny home movies have over 1 million views; a couple have greater than three million).

After filming heaps of hours of tape, I'm now telling my variation on the tiny house story in the forth-coming documentary We the Tiny House People (Release date: April 23, 2012). I am reluctant to say there's some type of magic in small abodes- I am certain some persons are watching merely for the “house porn” (as Shafer explains it)-, nevertheless it's apparent these stripped-down shelters reveal for us the essence of home, and for many, make it a bit simpler to “suck the marrow out of life”.

More details on original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/we-tiny-house-people-documentary-trailer/

Music credit:
Opening/closing track by Sivia- http://siviasivia.tumblr.com/
Down the Rabbit Hole by Dave Warstler- http://www.davewarstler.com/


  1. Beautiful, inspiring ingenuity! I guess my 575 sq. ft apt. is PLENTY. Need
    to step up my interior design skills, that’s all!:) Thanks for sharing,
    kirstendirksen!–I’m going to continue the share of awareness of this
    wonderful eco -modest living on my you tube channel and facebook —and now
    I would like to watch the entire film too!

  2. Incredible, I hire a house with some friends and have the smallest room,
    and I understand these people perfectly, a small space feels a lot more
    cosier than a bigger one. But you have to give everything it’s place or
    else it becomes a terrible mess. Good luck with your work.

  3. Dam, 3hours later, I should of just watch this one 1st.lol but I learned a
    lot so far. I use to live in a 3bedroom house however hated it. When I
    lived in a 1bedroom apartment with a roommate, I loved it. It was about
    300sq feet. I had the room and he had the living room. So my living space
    was about 80 sq. feet….and I was happy. I had to get rid of a garage full
    of things along with 3bedroom things…..

  4. Odds and ends like dressers and clothes. I didn’t have a closet, so I used
    a night stand. Lol I miss those times. Now I live in a 7 by 8 room in a
    house….Ahhgg. For some reason I really dis like living in a house. I’m
    thinking about living in a house boat. I was in one for a day and felt like
    it was home for once. Love these videos.

  5. I realize this is a “late reply” but I wanted to tell you I watched the doc
    and the sound issue I described in the trailer was no longer there. Good
    job, glad the feedback was helpful.

  6. Great video and story, but I had to stop the last couple of minutes because
    the song made me want to pull my hair out. The rabbit hole song was great

  7. I guess I’m still really confused. If you’re doing this so you can own a
    home, for cheap I still have questions: Where do you park/build one of
    these? (I can only imagine renting a lot or something and that kind of
    defeats the purpose yah?) Once you find a place to park, how does one
    shower, flush a toilet, cook, wash dishes (water access issues)? What about
    electricity? and or internet? And mail (more specifically.. the few bills
    one would have left)?

  8. there is a site that is called tinyhouselistings . com and i have seen
    houses that has everything inside like the bigger houses and they are like
    mini versions of these houses.some houses come with land.you can find lands
    for cheap anywhere…

  9. there are permanent houses and house on wheels with all the stuff you
    mention.i have seen cool ones at 5k something.there is a house i want at
    the site i mention that even has a better washroom than mine.the house is
    on wheels and it is just like a regular house.sadly i dont have money to
    buy as yet…

  10. i have said in my cousin apartment in new york it is so small that i had to
    sleep on the couch and the bathroom is so small that i kept banging my head
    a lot on the wall

  11. My house is a bathroom. I can eat, watch tv, answer the phone, make love,
    play chess and sleep while I take a crap. LOVE IT

  12. what point? That people actually like to pay 46k to 50k on crap home
    trailers, while you can actually get a brand new luxury fifth wheel with
    washer/dryer, a big kitchen with a residential size refrigerator and a
    generator. Wow, people are stupid which is typical for what I’ve seen since
    my faith in humanity was lost several years ago when I first experienced

  13. I really loved your video. I built a 11 by 12 tiny home on my property on a
    hill. It is 13 feet high with a small loft bed. I didn’t use as much
    recycled materials as I would have liked, but did use some. The total cost
    was about 2500 dollars. It is fully insulated and takes about 20 minutes to
    raise the temperature 10 degrees with a tiny little electric heater. I use
    the tiny house as an art studio. Thanks again for putting together such a
    good video.

  14. Yes, people like to buy different things with their money. Does it make
    sense that everyone has to buy what you tell them to? Don’t be a faggot

  15. I really love the concept behind the tiny houses at first you think it’s
    kinda crazy, but then I understand that a lot of space is really
    unnecessary and just what the media and society judges is by. Like the
    bigger the house the richer you are. Now I’m very interested in getting one
    when I go off to college!!

  16. I love the simplicity of the whole concept and didn’t know that I had
    embraced that too. My question is for all those who are in the midst of
    building their tiny homes. Where do you store your tools?

  17. There are too many people in the world. While I love the ingenuity of these
    small houses…..its also proof that there are too many of us.

  18. It’s not being built because there is to many of us . Where you get that.
    It’s being built because it helps financially

  19. or its just proof of more cost effective building and not having a many
    hundred thousand dollar mortgage to some massive bank..

  20. This is nothing new around here… we build custom ice fishing shacks that
    are super efficient and very comfy and livible in all seasons

  21. Pioneer families at one time actually lived in one room cabins! You adjust
    thats what you do.Mcmansion are not the norm.

  22. Brilliant idea, these little abodes, solves a lot of problems with owning a
    conventional house. If you build it on a trailer, you solve even more, for
    you can take it with you if you have to move, and you may “camp” as long as
    you like, so that skirts many codes…

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