What Happened To Our Campulance & Tiny House In The USA?

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Many people have been asking what happened to our Campulance and in the USA, so in this episode we give you the full story.

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  1. Eish! Seems you need to stick to Japanese reliability…
    The ambulance looked very cool though.
    The locals were amazing🙌💪👏

  2. We used to have exactly. the same problem with our old Volvo XC90 – I loved that car, we used to call it our big blue giant – but every now and then all the electrical systems would just shut off. It once happened in a tunnel without an extra accident stroke and not being able to even warn the truck that was driving behind us that all our (engine and electrical) power was off was very scary. I quickly threw the car into neutral restarted and thank goodness it worked again and I went straight back into Drive. After that, I decided it was time to let the car go….. I stuck with Volvo though, cause it’s very dear to my heart <3. I now own a small V40 - that has unfortunately also given me some troubles, but we still stick together like a house on fire! Nothing is perfect in life, and it's often the hard stuff that connects us and makes it worth our while. Take care, love your video's - you are both a true inspiration, to many!

  3. Yeah, the ambulances are made for a different purpose than cross country travels, aren’t they? Sorry to hear you had to experience the troubles. The way you feel grateful towards all of those people that helped is very inspiring. Hope you will be able to tour the world again soon ☺️

  4. Sounds like a rough go! I think this is another reason I’m happy I made a tiny cob house- it won’t break down. I’m glad the Americans were nice to you!

  5. Serves you right for buying an old, worn-out AMERICAN vehicle (which I assume a retiring ambulance is)! They are not known for reliability! As for the Volvo… Now about the PEOPLE… They might have made up for all of it! People are almost always surprisingly nice!

  6. Nice place, “Tiny Digs”! We’re planning a road trip up north, east to west in the US. We are both at retirement age but still work. We live in Connecticut and are getting many ideas from your channel.

  7. Hello! Here is Silvia from Italy. We finally ends up leaving on a tiny house on wheels and thanks also to your channel. Can I ask you how does work in us with the rules ? You can park it everywhere? Do you have to pay a rent for the land? Here there are still too many rules that complicate a lot the possibility of leaving like this 🙏 thanks a lot if you answer

  8. How many miles were on the ambulance when you purchased it? And, do you think this campulance was just unable to tow the tiny house ? An ambulance needs to be a reliable piece of equipment! Perhaps it’s been a lemon since its purchase at the ambulance company? Love the show !
    I slowly have gotten away from so much clutter in my apartment. It’s a slow and definitely difficult at times and I even cry. But if I am not using it?

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