Where to Park a Tiny House? – 5 Useful Tips!

houses are in many places, sometimes because they don't meet the minimum square requirement in the by-law, city planning or zoning regulations. Other times they're not permitted because they're , or if they're not hooked up to a septic tank, or if the property doesn't have a well. It's a good idea to out what the rules are in your area before you buy a piece of land to your on.

Some RV parks and campgrounds allow tiny houses to park there and the advantage of staying in a place like this is that you might have , sewer and power hookups. Maybe even WiFi!

There are many communities, suburbs, eco-villages, towns, and cities who are re-zoning to allow tiny houses in certain areas. A website called has a great list of places to check out:

a tiny in someone else's backyard might be possible in one of these re-zoned areas, but it might also be legal if your area has a , , or allowance (and if your tiny house fits within their specific criteria).

If tiny houses aren't legal in your area, we'd suggest doing some research to see if there are other people in your who are also looking for places to park a tiny house. You may have to be the pioneers in your area to get the ball rolling.

Talking to the people in your community, in your municipal office, and your neighbours is a great place to start. You never know who might be open and willing to help!

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