Why I MOVED OUT of my TINY HOUSE & What’s Next!



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    • Congratulations! And now your family will be three!

      Would love a series of videos showing the remodeling of your Seattle home. Maybe 12-15 minutes each? What I like best about tiny home and homestead channels is watching build/remodel video series and viewing somewhat detailed tour videos. Really enjoy your videos!

    • Congratulations! I would love to learn more about your 450 square foot house! I hope your family stays healthy and you fill the house with laughter!

  1. Congrats on everything going on in your life! I had a chance to see your tiny home on the road a few years back headed thru Texas, it was your traveling phase. After all the traveling the house is so cute!

  2. Congrats on everything!! Your life, your decisions. I look at a lot of tiny house videos and I admire the peps who can actually make that lifestyle happen with children but I would not be able to do so myself. I really need my own space from time to time, so I’m really interested in the remobel of your new tiny house without wheels 😉 Looking forward to the videos about that! Love to you and your tiny family from Germany 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your wedding, new home (looking forward to see it ready) and the new addition to the family. Keep the videos coming as I love them all. I’d love to have a tiny home 1 day but I personally need 1 of the biggest there could be as I’m not a minimalist at all. I personally couldn’t live in a tiny hone with kids unless we both had 2 good sized bedrooms and not a bunk for kids. I’m amazed on how families without kids rooms do it. Good job for them. All the best for you guys.

  4. Wow 😃 how exciting!! Baby Nr.1 on the way soon. So happy for the 4 of you, couldn’t forget your doggy. Hope the renovation is done in time 🙏 sure would love to see how it turns out and how you plan an expansion “add-on”” later. I guess now would be the time to figure out which wall is best to break through. later. One step at a time ehh. All the best of luck!! Cheers from Switzerland

  5. BEAVO & CONGRATS 👏 💖 May you, Nabil & baby be super happy & healthy.
    I’ve always heard being under 500 sq. ft. is considered tiny.
    Be happy & see ya on Fridays!!

  6. I’m so happy for the two of you and baby ❤. Looks like a boy just my guess. You did what you set out to do! Love ya Jenn 😘. I would love to see your house!
    I can’t believe you have to explain your reasons, its your life I BELIEVE IN YOU AND YOUR RIGHT FOR CHANGE !!!

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