1. Too bad the charity is pointless. Even if they house thousands of homeless, there’s literally thousands more coming in every single day.

  2. How, in the heck do you fit $130K into a tiny home!? There are 1200 square foot homes that sell for less than that here. So much for “Affordable living.”

  3. Who pays the income tax? When you win something worth that much, the IRS will be at your door twenty minutes later. TV game shows pay the taxes for their winners. Who pays for this house? Or will the winner have to sell it to get anything out of winning? I couldn’t afford to keep it for sure.

  4. Not everyone can donate I can’t even donate $5 I’m living on the low low income so I guess I won’t win so it’s not as free as we thought.

  5. Plz don’t donate to this this is a scam and my comment will probably get deleted. I really looked up to this guy even showed my whole family, I don’t hate him but don’t like that he is supporting some scam sweepstake. Aka (omaze) plz do you research. And. I doubt this will go to the homeless omaze will prob keep a percentage and that homeless building will prob never even open. Google omaze scam plz

  6. Please list the country restriction in the video.
    People are donating who are not eligible to win. Donations are important, but not under a false impression of entering a contest they are not eligible for.

  7. I’ll comment this just like I do on every Omaze video I see… From the T&C’s: of every dollar donated…

    70 cents is typically used to actually get the prize, process payments and advertise to awesome people like you (Omaze Owned campaigns require more significant marketing efforts by Omaze and do not rely (or rely to a much smaller degree) on the work and name of celebrities to help raise awareness and promote the campaign).”

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