Winter Campervanning on Iceland’s Golden Circle

It’s a sin to visit and not explore the countryside. You HAVE to get outside of the city and, unless you book a pricey tour, you’ll need to rent a car. Many of the country’s most impressive landmarks are located just a few hours from Reykjavik. My suggestion? RENT A and take a few days to self-drive the famous Golden Circle. You’ll save hundreds of dollars on hotel fees and you’ll sleep in gorgeous backcountry locations!

Guillaume and I rented a campervan from Go Iceland for four nights for $454.90. We drove the Golden Circle, a 300km drive featuring several of Iceland’s most popular natural treasures.

More information on Campervanning in Iceland:
Go Iceland Car Rentals:

Music by Grady Kelneck: “The Road”
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  1. what a beautiful country we hope someday to visit… THANK YOU for
    sharing… the ponies were adorable! SAFE TRAVELS! Lala

  2. ….”it’s a sin to visit Iceland and not explore the country side.”
    EQUALLY, it’s a sin to post only two minutes and 23 seconds of your trip.

  3. You guys are a lot of fun to watch, thanks for the great videos and tell
    your friend Grady to post that song on youtube, it’s beautiful.

  4. So jealous! Iceland is a definite bucket list trip for me. Let me know if
    you see my most recent email, I’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks!!

  5. Thanks for the groovy pictures. Therapy for the city. Enjoy your freezy
    paradise adventure. Your happy energy brings me a smile every time I unpack
    one of your videos.

  6. You’ve got a great sense of capturing video in a way that’s both artistic
    and entertaing. A real motivation to go there myself and see that wonderful
    scenery. Keep it coming, please!

  7. Beautiful scenery and views, absolutely love it! I haven’t check your
    channel in awhile, but is this the same gf or a new one? Safe travels.

  8. Gorgeous video. Loved that waterfall shot. The horses & ponies looked
    pretty woolly compared to the ones down south. That’s a very special place.
    Thanks for the quick tour.

  9. A good friend of ours has moved to Iceland for a year and he keeps spamming
    us with these gorgeous photos that make me want to go there too. If only it
    wasn’t so cold! haha

    But so far I didn’t want to leave our van home behind. But renting one
    sounds like a plausible solution for the time there! Thanks for the amazing
    images, guys :D

  10. such a beautiful country (although from a practical standpoint as an
    occasional road-tripper, the petrol fees of such a trip seem terrifying!)

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