Woman Builds Her Tiny Home Then An Entire Tiny House Village

After building her own tiny home, Michelle looked for ways to translate her passion for the tiny house movement into a business. Ultimately, she created a beautiful tiny house on an old Christmas tree farm property. It organically developed, resulting in a dreamy spacious layout.

Michelle shares insights into why and how she created her rental tiny house . Also enjoy tours of very different self-built tiny houses–“My Tiny Hideout”, with a striking window wall, and “My Tiny Perch”, a tiny house with a downstairs bedroom.

👉More about Michelle's #TinyHouseVillage: https://www.mytinyhousevillage.com

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  1. I live in Ga. & in our county they do not allow tiny homes, container homes, shed conversions so it’s traditional build or mobile homes only.. Ridiculous thinking.

  2. Super stoked to see landlords making the jump to tiny homes and chasing those of us trying to get away from that whole thing.

  3. What an incredibly smart, talented, driven woman! I’m in awe of what she has accomplished, absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Michelle you have created a wonderfully cozy tiny village, fantastic work 😉

  4. Wow, what an excellent tutorial and show & tell. You were prepared to cover every aspect of your tiny house village. Will you tell me how you acquired this property? You often mention the land host so I’m thinking you lease this land, but please do tell. Congratulations to you on fulfilling your dream. Your tiny houses are so cute and efficient.

  5. Hippies love disenfranchisement so they spell joy with an E
    (like so, joye). Joy spelled with an E on the end is hippy-cool.

  6. Great to see this woman taking her future into her own hands! What a great idea… a True inspiration! Would love to visit and stay!

  7. Michelle, you are seriously amazing!! … I absolutely loved watching this video that you created. Your homes are so very beautiful!!. So much love and happiness is built right into this gorgeous village! ..WOW!! .. God Bless You Always!!.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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