Woman Finds FINANCIAL FREEDOM & Debt Free Living in Tiny House

This weeks episode is a real heart warmer. Bethan is an inspiring, hard working woman who was finding it difficult to get ahead in life. That was until she made the decision to and with that, began on her to financial freedom.

Through living frugally in her home for the first two years, she was able to quickly pay off her debts. With her house now paid for, she has set her sights to saving for her own piece of land.

Bethan's home is beautiful and perfectly suited to her needs. With a love of and adventure, this home helps to give her an unprecedented level of personal freedom to follow her passions.

Visiting this home, I was quickly reminded of one of the reasons that I fell in love with . The decision to build them, can genuinely be life changing.

We hope you enjoy this and Bethan's inspiring story!

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston

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  1. For me, this weeks episode is a great reminder of why I first became passionate about tiny houses. So many people feel as though the cost of housing has just ran away on them and there’s no way to make things work. Bethan’s story is a great reminder that with hard work and some good decisions, it’s still possible to make the dream happen! We hope you enjoy this episode. With Love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. I love this home and I love it for her. She’s lovely. It’s unpretentious and homey, far more than some of them that are very high end and expensive

  3. What i worry is she’s alone and her windows are made of glass any burglar can easily break the glass and attack her

  4. OMG Bethan is such a lovely person….all giggles, tears, and dreams. She knows where to keep her heart and the exact way to get there. So happy for her and got so much to learn from her resilience.

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