Woman Gains Extra Freedom After Downsizing to a Legal Tiny House in the City + FULL TOUR

Adelina has been living in her house in Canada for 2 years and says it has only positively impacted her life. She downsized from a 1,200 square foot townhome into a 37′ long tiny house built by Teacup Tiny Homes on a trailer. Her three main requirements for the house included having a bedroom she could stand up in, a permanent home office space, and a big kitchen so she could cook for her friends and family.

Adelina was able to find a legal place to her house at a mobile home park because she worked with a CSA- builder and had the trailer registered as a park model. Without planning and researching in advance to make sure these things were in place, she would not have been able to find a legal spot to park. The rules are different in each municipality so it’s important to ask around before you start building/buying your house!

House Talk has a great list of communities that accept tiny houses here:

Serendipity is 37′ long and 9.5′ wide and has a functional layout and beautiful interior design. The living room is at one end of the house next to the entrance and has a vaulted ceiling, an electric fireplace, and a coat closet. The kitchen is u-shaped with loads of counter and storage space. In the hallway, there’s a permanent home office space and a massive for food storage. The bathroom has a combo washer-dryer and an RV-sized bathtub. And up a set of storage steps is the bedroom on the of the trailer. It has big windows, a storage bed, and a big clothes closet. There’s also a loft above the kitchen that could be converted into a guest room, and the space beneath the gooseneck is closed in to create a shed for things like a lawnmower and bicycles.

Find out more about Kenton Zerbin’s house courses:

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  1. I appreciate that she’s honest about living in a mobile home park. There is such a disdain for traditional mobile homes (trailers = eww, poors; “tiny house on wheels” aka trailers = socially conscious downsizes! 🙄), so it’s refreshing to see a practical approach. It’s a lovely design. That kitchen is a dream and all that pantry space warms my home cook heart.

  2. I’m sorry but that’s not a tiny house. It’s huge and also what has she really reduced to help the environment? This is just a rich lady with too much money on her hands.

  3. Back in the day tiny homes were “mobile” as in on roads without planned agreed permits required.
    But people call anything moveable without permanent foundations a “tiny” home thesedays.
    This would require a permit to move and probably with the vehicles in front and behind with signs as a wide load requirement in most countries.
    I wonder where you can move this massive tiny house without a huge hassle?
    I’m surprised she is in a mobile home park.
    Good on her, it’s not a criticism just an observation.

  4. Be careful about your washer coz it’s under the wash basin. Water can destroy your washer machine’s electrical board. So you can put a pice of plastic or something else that can absorb water to avoid water reaching the top of your washer.

  5. Well, this tiny house isn’t really tiny at all… I mean it’s bigger than my apartment! I guess that she used to live in a huge house before this.

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