Woman Living in a Cozy 22′ Long Tiny House for 5 Years – Full Tour

She designed the Keva Tiny House to be 22′ x 8.5′ wide, and 15’ tall which is taller than most tiny homes. It has an open concept living space, a clever hideaway ladder, a covered deck, an outhouse for a toilet, and beautiful from to bottom, and the whole build cost about $55,000 CAD ($30K materials, $25K labour).

The plans are available for sale here if you want to check them out: https://kevatinyhouse.com/building-plans/

Keva Tiny House was designed by Rebecca and it was built by Rudy Hexler and an apprentice named Lenny.

The house is heated with a woodstove, it has a small bathtub and shower, a massive clothes storage area in the bathroom, and there’s also a shed next door with additional storage space, and a guest bed. For a toilet, Rebecca uses an outhouse outside.

She was lucky to meet with people who were open to having her park on their land, and she pays a fee for rent and/or does a work exchange with them.

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Mat & Danielle



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Editing Credits:
Mat and Danielle, Exploring Alternatives

Photo Credits:
Rebecca, Keva Tiny House


  1. She did not show a fridge. Where is it? Why did she not go with an apartment size stove? Are there plans for her to install her own catchmen system? What was the other outside building I saw?

  2. This home is gorgeous. The wood is so lovely and this home is filled with light. I love the porch and very practical to have the separate storage space and guest bedroom.

  3. I would be doing yoga outside weather permitting, even under the porch roof in the rain would be great! Then boyfriend could be “loud”.

  4. Lovely tiny house. Love the little guest house. Land is the key thing with living tiny. She has a good set up. Thank you.

  5. Probably the main concern I have for tiny homes is security. They often employ lots of large windows to open up the inside and to give it an expansive feeling. But how secure is that?

    I also see lots of them that have a ladder for access to an upper level, and eventually, as people age, that’s going to become an obstacle, as do stairs.

    I also see lots of single people creating tiny homes, but what about when you meed someone and want to have them move in? There goes your closet space.

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