Woman Living in a Tiny House to Achieve Financial Freedom – Interview & Tour

Natasha is living full-time in this -themed on .
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After living in apartments for over a decade, Natasha heard about tiny houses and realized they could be a way for her to affordably own her own home and achieve a certain amount of financial independence.

She watched nearly every single tiny video on YouTube, and also attended the tiny festival in Lantier, QC, where she met the tiny building company, .

They built her dream home and she found a legal place to it in a small, year-round RV in Ontario, . Water is included in her monthly fee, but she pays for electricity (a.k.a. hydro). During the winter when the water is shut off, she has to use a hose to fill a water tank hidden in her stairs. The rest of the year she can be hooked up to a town water supply.

Her home is heated with one Martin propane heater, and she has a Separett and a bathtub in her spacious bathroom.

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  1. I’M ALREADY IN LOVE AT ONLY 1:44 IN. She’s been living in it for a year or more! Enough time to decide after 4 seasons if you STILL LOVE! (I’ve seen too many that have lived in for a week or month–OF COURSE, you’d still LOVE IT)! After seeing the cat crawl under the covers-adorable! I remembered that I had already viewed this video! I’m STILL noticing things I didn’t notice before.
    1. Love the ISLAND ON WHEELS!!!! 2. HONESTY ABOUT ISSUES SHE’S HAD (I should put as number 1, but too lazy to cut/paste)! #3 LOVE YOUR DECOR! (EXCEPT the cat theme-i’m allergic-unfortunately). LOVE the crate cubbies on walls etc. The whole tiny is ADORABLE!

  2. Thanks for sharing about skillshare that is going to be really helpful to me.
    Also, when the toilet line froze did she have to replace it and or other parts as well?
    Any special products used to clean the toilet back up?
    How did the toilet line thaw?

  3. Loved this tiny house presentation, good hearing about things that can go wrong, I still see it like an exciting alternative to traditional housing!

  4. Now this is a tiny house I could get behind. I mean, less than 100sqft is just crazy. This is nice size, there is a great open floor plan, pretty lofts, lots of storage, room for a full size couch, and you could even have dog. The only thing I would want would be a dedicated cooktop, 2 or 3 burner stove, and a microwave.

  5. I love to watch videos about tiny houses, I love the tips, also because here in europe many houses are really small and you have to learn to live small

  6. I love this tiny home its beautiful and looks comfy and relaxing. I been looking at tiny homes for a long time now. I wish I would have gotten one back in the day, when they were affordable. Now days they have become so expensive with a lot of them being more money then my normal size home. The whole tiny home thing was started as affordable living space. now its getting out of control with the prices, that really saddens me ?
    I love your home and I’m glad you got your dream home. And when the day comes and you want to retire what a wonderful home to retire too. Best wish ????

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