Woman Living Off-Grid in Her Tiny House in Northern Canada

Carole Lyne Robin is an impressive and inspiring woman and we love that she has designed her around what is most to her. She’s a freelance photographer who helped build her tiny house so that she could afford to live where she wants (off-grid in the bush!) and spend more time with the people and projects she loves.

When she’s not taking photographs, she’s volunteering as a farm hand on a reindeer ranch, taking courses on how to tan hides in the traditional Cree way, spending quality time with her parents, friends, and extended family, crafting beautiful items, and connecting with the outdoors where she canoes, fishes, hunts, and hikes.

Carole has been living in her tiny home over 2 years in a rural area in Northern Ontario. She has a solar power to provide electricity from April to October, and from November to March she uses a generator. She uses propane her stove, hot water, heat, and for her washer/dryer.

Her tiny home is beautifully decorated and has many amenities, including a soaker bathtub, a full-size washer and dryer, a 4-burner stove, 2 lofts, a cat walk ramp so her cat can access the loft, and a full-sized closet with loads of storage space. We think you’ll love touring this tiny house!

We also want to say a special thank you to Krista her canoe cameo and campfire stories, and to Steve for sharing his magical reindeer farm and rhubarb wine with us!

Thanks watching!

Mat & Danielle



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Editing Credits:
Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Mat of Exploring Alternatives


  1. At first talks about needing to live alone away from people, than is shown with girlfriend, and farm guy, and says it’s important to have those connections with people.

  2. Off grid! Wow, this house is just beautiful. Love her way of living. You can tell she loves her house & where she lives. :]

  3. Absolutely amazing, this speaks to my soul. Your house and lifestyle are perfectly in line with my plan to freedom and simplicity. I’ll be following ?

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