Woman’s Solo Build- Off grid Tiny A Frame Cabin for only $900!

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Kate Tooth Wentworth, a expert residing in Maine, recently decided to build her very own “Transforming A-frame /cabin” on her wild 18 acre spread- and all without any real prior building experience. Well, she did a FANTASTIC job as you will see in this guest tour she sent us. This tiny little cabin (for Kate’s use and to be used occasionally as a rental too) was built almost entirely by Kate and is now listed up on Hipcamp (if YOU want to stay in it). While only built for seasonal use, many of these have been insulated and used for full time living. The plan set even includes an alternative expansion idea for not only more space, but a tiny bathroom.
Oh yeah, Kate knows here stuff- she teaches wilderness survival and outdoor living/skills courses AND was a former contestant on the TV show “Naked and Afraid”.

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  1. Love it! Part if my 5 yr plan is to build one of these to live in while i slowly build an Earthship type home for myself and 3 kids plus misc family. Love your work mam, cant wait til i can buy some land and start.!!! Great job Kate, love this so much <3

    • Heather Huber I wish everyone could experience this.. I hope you find what you’re looking for out there as far as land goes.. I believe in you!

    • @Kate Tooth Wentworth Awww thank you so much! I cant give up. I’ve beaten death several times now and just want to LIVE and not just survive. My 2 boys will be over 10 but not adults by the time i make some land happen so im hoping to have them help but primarily, like u, its just me doing the work. I dont know where im going to buy the land though. I was thinking id stay in pacific nw but i just watched a video from another artist (tenhun) who just moved from seattle to sw michigan and is paying the same amount as in WA but has a giant 5000 sq ft house id estimate. I mean, if prices on the east coast are THAT different i need to look into it.
      Do you have any recomended sites for people like me saving to buy land and build on it? I appreciate your comment and complimet truly, and thanks for your time to reply! Much luv <3

  2. I love it Kate, down to your baskets next to your beautiful door. I would love to be able to do that. Oh, and I also love the table, easel, and love love love the color of your door and chairs. Good luck, and looking forward to seeing more <3

  3. Congratulations, girl! I want to build one myself now! I think I would close off the patio area so it could be either a bedroom or a little living room.

    • Thats exactly what the alternative idea/sketch-outs in the plans mention/recommend. Its been done by a few people now too.

  4. Subscribed to her channel. Check.
    Purchased and downloaded the A frame plans. Check.
    Finally! I’ve done it. Thank you! 👍🏻

  5. Excellent! I ordered the plans and have already bought wood for the foundation! My daughter had 3 summer camps she was going to, but due to covid, they were all cancelled 🙁 We are using the refunds from the camps to build the A frame cabin for her! We are excited!!!

    • @relaxshacksDOTcom being a Mainer in exile in South Dakota, I remember mosquitoes not fondly and them pesky black flies…they don’t bite they suck!

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