Woman’s Spectacular Tiny House in The Wilderness

Jessica is all about getting back to nature, and her stunning parked up in the British Columbian wilderness is testament to that. After growing up on a sustainable farm, Jess has always had a deep connection to nature and wanted the place where she lived to be a strong reflection of that.

With a deep desire to slow down and disconnect from the hectic world, Jess made the decision to downsize her possessions and move into a which could reflect her values and give her a spectacular home that could be parked up in the wild. Her is absolutely stunning and has a luxury modern twist which creates a wonderful architectural contrast to the surrounding forest.

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Here, she lives , collecting rain water from a nearby river and generating power via a generator. She washes dishes and clothes in water heated by the fire and lives a strong, independent lifestyle in the wild.

I hope you enjoy the full tour of this spectacular tiny home in the wilderness.

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud

in a Tiny House’ © 2019 Zyia Pictures Ltd


  1. Jess is such a wonderful person and we really had a great time filming this episode. The wilderness of British Columbia and the Okanagan is truly incredible and it was fantastic to be able to explore this part of the world a bit. I hope you enjoy this weeks episode! Thanks for watching!

  2. Lovely home. I would like to know what the other building was? Please can you answer Bruce. Thanks for your creativeness and sincerity Bruce 🙂

  3. I’m moving from Sydney CBD to Tasmania because I’m sick of working to pay bills.

    Elec bill keep going up and solar system keep coming down.
    Every unit in Sydney costs $400k up and you can build an off grid house including land for $200k in TAS.

  4. Astonishing house. But, did i miss something, what does she do for the heating system during the winter ? Thanks.

  5. Yes.. let’s put those in every meadow, every forest, near every lake
    Hell.. let’s start putting those in nature reserves.. they are so tiny righr? No harm.
    Leave the fucking nature alone you wankers. Go live in the cities.

  6. I think this is the first example of a tiny house that has appealed to me, it’s fantastic, thanks for showing us.

  7. Love this design however Ide still feel extraordinarily uneasy about those monster trees coming down on the tinyhouse

  8. Bryce, from the river banks you can tell that when there is a rainstorm that river rises and rips thru that curve quite a bit!! Lovely Lovely home and bohemian lovely lady!!

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