Woman’s Wondrous Dual Tiny House Home & Art Studio

In this weeks episode we meet , an inspiring artist who has constructed two beautiful tiny houses to form both her and art studio. Between the two, she has created an ideal set-up, with one home being a where she can relax and sleep and the other, a place for work and creativity.

The two tiny houses are joined by a covered deck which provides additional outdoor living space and combined, they form a home for this artist! We hope you enjoy the of these beautifully constructed .

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  1. What is striking is not the merging of two small tiny houses in an attractive way, but the woman who inhabits this place, she is full of vitality, hope and love of life….

  2. Her story is so inspiring, her lifestyle is so incredible. She is so lovely and creative. Everything about her tiny house is so beautiful and adorable, all the details and designs are amazing. And thank you Bryce and Rasa for showing us how life can be lived in a simple, sustainable yet unique and an exciting way. I wish this was possible in India!

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