World’s Biggest Tiny House

A Tour of the largest Tiny House in the world. on a 40β€² trailer, this healthy, - house is for a family.

Tiny must remain under 400sqft in the USA and often require being built . This house is built on a 40β€² gooseneck trailer. The loft doesn't count as square-footage because the is lower than 6ft tall giving us an additional 2/3rds of the floor space.


  1. I love the concept. A tiny mansion. So awesome! Totally something I’d want. Are you like a engineer? Your sense of design is amazing. It’s amazing to hear your explanation and reasoning for your design choices, like having a lot of windows at the loft because as heat rises you can open up the windows.

  2. Great amount of storage, but way too cluttered. Definitely, you need more storage closets to hide the cluttered. That loft and staircase is the winner of the space.

  3. You guys have done an awesome job! My wife and I are designing our layout for a 38′ trailer that we already have, and there are a lot of similarities with what we want to do aswel! especially with the cheap permit to build it a bit bigger! We are expecting our first child this summer and keeping this in mind with our planning. very exciting and very motivational for me!

  4. We want to go tiny too, but need room closer to what you have. Can you speak at all to what’s involved in moving this? Do you intend to move it much at all? I completely understand a “tiny” home like this, even on wheels, isn’t going to be as movable as one built on an 8×20 trailer… so what does transporting something this size look like, if you don’t mind my asking?

    Eta: And you have a beautiful home!

  5. so anyone can build a tiny house? but what about the land that it’s on? do you have to pay rent for the land or is it free? Also you didn’t mention the plumbing set up, especially the toilet, and why aren’t you concerned about a humidity build up and all that wood?

  6. The top floor isn’t going to be safe. One of the kids will eventually attempt to climb (toddlers love to climb) the rail and the squares make it easy.

  7. You have some great features and products that I haven’t seen in tiny houses before. Great job on the design and construction. What’s the difference in costs if you didn’t make it mobile? Is anybody incorporating these ideas into slightly larger, stationary homes? What are those buildings close to you? Please do another video when everything is completed.

  8. Hello beautiful family! I am very interested in the exterior & interior size of your home. Do you have pictures of the floor plan? I have purchased land and want to go tiny (my forever home). I request this information because “tiny on wheels” is not practical for a permanent home. It appears the width (9ft 6″) eliminates the tight feeling of being on top of each other. I would love to use your home as my starting point to design my own. Did you have an influence from a tiny house builder on products to use? Thank you in advance. My name is Kim and my personal email is

  9. I like it. its practical and pleasing to the eye both inside and out. great floor plan well thought out this is much nicer than some of the other so called larger tiny homes I’ve seen here on u-tube good luck with it.

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