Would you? $150k Hurricane-proof “Tiny House” Castle

Originally on the “OddUSA” channel. At 910 square feet, its borderline “tiny”, and at least “small”, but BIG on uniqueness. Check out “The Irish Bayou Castle” aka “The Swamp Castle”, located just on the edge of New Orleans, Louisiana. You’ll pass this one (and see it from the highway) while traveling east on I-10 while leaving New Orleans (exit 254). This structure was built in 1981 in hopes that it might be a lucrative side destination during the 1984 New Orleans World’s Fair, but it proved more a flop than financial boon. Later this /castle was sold for $62,000 to a couple that hoped to turn it into an airbnb-like rental, but that later went belly up. Most recently, this small home was again sold- this time for $150,000k. One thing is for sure- after surviving both Hurricane Katrina AND Isaac, this home is built to withstand almost any attack.

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    • It was- I mentioned some of it in the text description. The original builder was hoping it would draw visitors at the ’84 World’s Fair….

  1. I have studied the Ferrocement construction method off and on for more than 20 years, so my first question would be which construction method was used. That would reveal just how strong the castle is, how thick the cement is, what cement mix was used, and the reinforcement scheme. If construction was consistent throughout the structure, one could determine just how long the structure would last before it would need repairs and how well it would stand up to various destructive forces, but everyone should know real estate agents tend to over price structures like money was easy to get. The location isn’t so great due to weather concerns and other details, but a small castle is a useful concept if destructive forces are part of the location. With my lifestyle and hobbies the castle looks a tad too small and low to the ground. Normally a castle has a bit of a hill to climb just to get to the first, main floor, which is a good way to put aside concerns about high water damages during a flooding period. A high water table means no basement, even if that was a common feature for castles and gave them more “root” to the ground. One fact about castles was they were projects that tended to grow with need, but the construction method doesn’t suggest growth with need is an option. It suggests a small lot, so hence a small dwelling.

  2. It is cool looking. I guess with the square footage the $150K I don’t think is way out there. It is very close to the water. And this last summer there were lakes in TX that flooded that are never suppose to flood did. I think a B&B or a Wedding venue would be good ideas.

  3. The building itself looks interesting, and could be amazing.

    It’s just too close to the water for comfort. A structurally sound building can stand up to the wind, but flood waters are still devastating.

  4. This one has airbnb rentals written all over it- prob could get 200 a night if it were fixed up and had a dock/deck out back….

  5. With the sinkholes not too far from this area, no way would I buy it! I’m not even happy in Baton Rouge and having the flood a few years ago. I know that was a freak storm that caused it, but it’s past time for a move. I was born and raised n the area and love it here, just don’t trust it too much anymore. ?

  6. You’re 20 minutes from me.. My late father in law did cabinet work in the kitchen in the 80’s in it. My parents owned a Swamp Tour in Slidell we’ve taken countless thousands of tourists by it to take pictures.. Used to be a Pyramid nextdoor.. WTF are you doing in town?Lol

  7. You would shit yourself to see the houseboat I lived in about 20mins east of that castle in the honey island swamp. 1 bedroom 1 bath 18x 70ft – 40ft sundeck on the roof. I miss it!

  8. My son and his family live in central LA. I would love that little castle, and the property could be easily made sustainable.

  9. I think it’s awesome! Wish I would’ve known it was there when I lived out in Louisiana! Oh well ? lol I would totally live in it!!!! Water worries me considering I survived hurricanes Katrina and Rita but hey…I’m sure theirs ways to fix the issue right?! ??

  10. I would buy the hell out of it and just deck it out in full over the top medieval style, TBH. Get some ivy growing up it. It does desperately need landscaping, because right now it looks naked as hell.

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